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AuroraAustralis Tasmania has 83,881 members. An Australia-based Group to celebrate, publicise, facilitate and encourage viewing, enjoyment, amateur...

Auroraaustralis (also known as the southern lights, and southern polar lights) is the southern hemisphere counterpart to the aurora borealis. In the sky, an auroraaustralis takes the shape of a...

AuroraAustralis Records is a record label located in Melbourne, Australia. It is also an online store with an extensive range of extreme metal titles and merchandise.

This is a newbies AuroraAustralis guide. I am collating info I’ve found from various sources in my endeavour to find and photograph an Aurora.

Left one is Aurora Borealis and the right one in AuroraAustralis. The lights are seen around the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres.

The auroraaustralis is a light display that can be seen in the night sky over Antarctica, during the winter.

AuroraAustralis has been very pleased and proud to be part of the monthly Citizenship Ceremonies of the City of Canada Bay for the last [more]. AuroraAustralis is a 4 part harmony chorus for women.

AuroraAustralis proposes an Adelaide-led nexus of Australian academia, business enterprises, government and research & development organisations in manufacturing precincts.

The AuroraAustralis, like its northern sister, is very difficult to predict. Patience is key here. The best time of year to see the lights is around winter and the equinox in September...

AuroraAustralis is an icebreaker and research vessel. The AuroraAustralis is a fundamental part of Antarctic operations.

auroraaustralis definition: luminous phenomena similar to the aurora borealis, visible in a zone around the south magnetic pole; southern lightsOrigin of aurora australisL, literally , southern aurora...

Auroraaustralis definition is - an aurora that occurs in earth's southern hemisphere —called also southern lights.

The AuroraAustralis, also known as the “Southern Lights,” is a natural light display that occurs in Earth’s atmosphere above Antarctica and the south polar region.

The AuroraAustralis, like its northern cousin, is difficult to predict with precision. It has stops and starts (known as sub-storms). Patience is important, but so is information.

Auroraaustralis definition: the aurora seen around the South Pole | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.