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BlackOps 3 - Possibilities 'CUSTOMMAPS' On CONSOLES! (CallofDuty MOD TOOLS) We are talking about the possibilities of ...

Estate of the Dead: This map represents just about everything that's right about customzombies: A creative

They have more than 150 maps in there stock: CallofDuty: BlackOps 3 CustomZombieMaps You can also request maps...

If you have an idea for a CallofDutyBlackOps 3 CustomZombiemap, please send us a message on Twitter. VLOG CHANNELS, LifewithNiels: ChrisX: TWITTER, YouAlwaysWin -

The first premium DLC pack for CallofDuty: BlackOps 4 became available for a couple of hours on the PlayStation Store in Australia.

I post both regular zombie content and customzombie videos multiple times a week so if your int.