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Remember that your current landlord will need to give you reference in order for you to find a new place.

The rent increase is more than you can afford and not comparable to nearby similar complexes. Moving would be more cost-effective over the course of a year than staying.

Apartmentcomplexes advertise free months of rent through net effective rent. In this case, the

In the apartmentcomplex industry I have had the privilege of reviewing four different presentation formats prepared by different Certified Public Accounting Firms.

If you rented out your home or apartment for more than 14 days in the year, you can and should deduct this fee from your reported rental income.

Some apartments offer special rates for existing tenants; these rates may be higher than your former rent but lower than what renters new to the apartmentcomplex would be required to pay. If you don’t like the new rental rate, ask your landlord if you can possibly get a deal. If the increase in your rent...

Larger rental agencies or complexes will probably do a credit check, so you'll need to have your social security

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The average rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in Provo is $603, while the average rent for a 2

I would think that, as the years progress, it costs more to maintain/upkeep the apartment. The cost of living increases every year.

If a person owns a 4 to 10 unit apartmentcomplex and generates income from rent.

Will I be able to manage the apartment building bymyself, or will I have to pay a property

This system will allow apartment managers to accurately track apartment rentals, occupancy rates

I know there are laws concerning increase of taxes and such but I'm trying to figure out if they are over-stepping their rights. The charges happen at least twice year, probably every 6 months (I

Most apartmentcomplexes and management companies require a credit check. However, some individual owners will let you rent without established

In most states, you will not have to pay taxes on apartment rent.You simply pay the required monthly rent to your landlord and youwill never have to record those amounts when you file

Your tax preparer will input the total rent amount for 2015 on your behalf on the ON-BEN form.

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If the rent on your ideal living spot—or even the apartment you’re already in—is

Know what you can afford to pay for rent up front. Ideally, rent should make up less than 30 percent of your income.

For sure, the thought of collecting monthly rental cash from owning an apartment or apartments is an attractive idea.

If you rent an apartment, understand the basics of landlord-tenant law.

Here’s my experience renting out apartments for myself, and then making a profit on top of the

Not all complexes will come with these fees, but since they tend to be in the fine print, it’s helpful to

In exchange for the same rent for another year, offer to make small improvements to your apartment or building

There are thousands of apartments for rent in every city all around the world.

I will definitely ask fortax returns and bank statements once under contract as well as dig much deeper into how much is really needed to bring the property to

Please someone, anyone, give us a job at an apartement complex anyday. you think managing a complex is tough. Try babysitting a bunch of homeowners that

The beauty of marketing to apartmentcomplexes is that you are constantly marketing to new people, because tenants move in and out on a regular basis.

Look at the Apartments for Rent ads in the paper, so you can see what rental you will have to pay. Ask your friends who already have apartments of the

Apartment rentgives you the right to occupy a residential apartment and the terms of your occupancy are described

Willevery listing have photos next to it? We try hard to get as many images as we can for each listing. However, some listings will have few to none images available.

4. Renting of Vacant Land – say, for parking or for temporary shed for marriage or for social function is subject to

Investing vs. Renting: "In Principal" For many people, it is more advantageous to own rather than rent property. Over time, the value of property appreciates, and equity in the property increases as monthly mortgage payments gradually reduce the principal amount of the mortgage.

An apartmentcomplex in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. A block of flats in Birmingham, England.