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Pokemon GO by Niantic Inc. is one of the most popular mobile games of this year. Like every sensational novelty, this game is facing various

WhywasPokemon episode 18 banned? Because it showed a girl in a bikini which is very inappropriate. Actually, it showed James with inflatable Boobs and as above was very inappropriate.

Pokemon GO is a mobile augmented reality game developed by The Pokemon Company and Niantic Labs. The game released July 6, 2016 and is available

Back in 2001, Pokemon cards werebanned by Iran’s General Secretariat of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars thanks to a Fawata (religious ruling). It was reasoned that the card game contained ‘forbidden images’ that served as propaganda for Judaism and Christianity...

With a huge reputation and popularity in the TV anime scene, obviously some episodes will end up banned.

also, it is WhyPokemon Brick Bronze got deleted, as i clicked on it thinking that they wanted an answer, but game information.

Just watch this video and you'll understand why many people including me, want Pokemon GO banned. Watch this jerk, standing at the middle of the road, getting

Pokemon Go developer Niantic has explained why third-party tracking apps like Pokevision werebanned. Pokemon Go's server issues

Seriously. Malaysians are going to be playing Pokemon, then having illicit sex. They’ll be collecting Poke balls, then ramming their cars into senior citizens. They’ll be hoarding Pokemon candies and stardust, then insulting other races. They’ll be fighting in Pokemon gyms, then burning the national flag.

Am I banned from Pokemon GO? It’s a question many gamers that’ve been playing in ways not quite “on the level” have been asking lately.

''When this episode was aired on December 16, 1997, it caused almost 700 seizures in children due to a flashing strobe effect caused by "Porygon". Thence this incident, this episode has never been aired anywhere else in the world; however it was dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment...

Pokemon episodes have beenbanned in countries all around the world, including America and Japan. After all, the show that has been around for a long time. Episodes have been coming out like clockwork since the '90s with no signs of stopping.