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Studies show the African continent contains the highest geneticdiversity of any place in the world, but whether or not that correlates to the highest

Sub-Saharan Africahasthemost human geneticdiversity and the same has been shown to hold true for phenotypic variation in skull form.[36][44] Phenotype is connected to genotype through gene expression. Geneticdiversity decreases smoothly with migratory distance from that region, which...

CSMonitor has released a variety of theories on why in Africamore than six times the language of Europe is being spoken.

So much so that, if you were to study the two Africans mostgenetically different to each other, they would share less DNA than a Frenchman does with a

The work underlines why the scientific establishment recoiled at the claim by DNA pioneer James Watson that he was "inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa"

Little has been known about Africa, themostgenetically diverse region in the world.

Sub-Saharan Africanshave far moregeneticdiversity than the entire rest of the world combined. They even have blue eyes occasionally.

Africa is considered to be themost linguistically diverse continent on the planet, with estimates putting the number of languages spoken at as many as 3,000 (Epstein 1998: 9), challenging even the largest translation companies to get to grips with all of them! Many of the languages spoken there fall under...

African populations harbour the greatest geneticdiversity and havethe highest per capita health burden, yet they are rarely included in large genome studies of disease association. This diversity provides both a challenge and an opportunity for biomedical research and the hope that Africans will...

The magnitude of geneticdiversity within human populations varies in a way that reflects the sequence of migrations by which people spread throughout the world. Beyond its use in human evolutionary genetics, worldwide variation in geneticdiversity sometimes can interact with social...

The sheer diversity in the African genome provides substantial power for genome-wide association

Essentially, geneticdiversity is the total number of characteristics in the genetic makeup of a species

Essentially, by having greater geneticdiversity within a fish species (e.g., many discrete populations with different life history strategies rather than a single homogenized population), the species is more apt to withstand variable conditions. Perhaps one year, one population does well and in another year...

There is moregeneticdiversity in Africa compared with the rest of the world put together.

"But in the medium-long term, geneticdiversity will become more important if those populations survive and we want them to thrive in the highly