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Whatweaponsdidthe hittites use? they used a composite bow also they made lots of iron tools and weapons.

TheApache Indians used a variety of weapons including Tomahawks, Knives, War Clubs, Bows and Arrows, and Lances (spears), most of which were

TheApaches relied on a short simple bow and knives mostly as they were often on foot in desert, mountains, high forests and sparse grazing lands.

The weaponsused by Apache tribe were originally bows and arrows, stone ball clubs, spears and knives.

The Bow and Arrow TheApache people performed all their hunting chores with the bow and arrow. They would make extremely beautiful arrows out of

So did most other tribes in the late 1800's. But, the bow and arrow proved extremely effective (better than rifles) in instances involving taking of hills.

The main tools and weaponsused by the Southwest Indians included spears and bows and arrows for hunting, spindles and looms for weaving, wooden hoes and rakes for farming and pump drills for digging holes in beads and shells. The term Southwest Indians often refers to the Pueblo Indians.

What language dotheApache Indians speak? Almost all Apache people speak English today, but many Apaches also speak their native Apache

But the axes that the Vikings used for chopping wood were usually of a more straightforward build than those designed specifically for fighting.

Doesthe ability of ApacheKid prevent other players to play Missed! cards of Diamond against his BANGs? A. No. ApacheKid’s ability applies to cards played by other players only, thus during other players’ turns. Therefore, he is unaffected by about half of the BANG! Cards, by all Indians...

They did have weapons there. However, I don't feel that the attack on the [rescue] van was necessary.

Some of theApache tribes used 8- to 9-foot long lances for close-range fighting on horseback. The shafts of the lances often were made from sapling

What Are Some Weapons That the Eastern Indians Had? The Eastern Woodlands Indians included many tribes of Native Americans, such as the

The primary weapon of the Navy SEAL is the assault rifle. A number of models are in use, but the standard issue is the Colt M4A1 carbine.

From the time they were babies, Apachekids heard stories of how brave Apache warriors won battles using strength, speed, cleverness, and accuracy.

Rosa was the wife of Dazii, the original ApacheKid. After he was slain, she took up his name and vowed revenge on those who had wronged him and her. She kills the man and is saved by the Rawhide Kid. Afterward, they together save Apache orphans before going their separate ways.

ApacheKid agrees and rides off to see what he can do to stop the menace of the Wolf.

TheApachesdid not like the visitors trespassing on their hunting grounds. There were a few incidents reported concerning the earliest pioneers. This situation changed in 1849 when gold was discovered in California. Thousands of people began crossing "Apacheria" (This word is what the Spanish called...

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We did not wear flak jackets because of the heat and heavy load. I believe most if not all Army light infantry units carried the same load in the