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Whatto do with old bread? My loaf of bread has become hard, is there anything that can be done tomakebread soft again?

What better way to use up stalebread than to turn it into a comforting, warm dessert? Here’s a tasty Bread Pudding recipe for doing just that.

Bread making is passion of mine. Nothing compares to the aroma of a loaf just out of the oven! But when fresh bread is on the table, whatto do with the old one?

Even when they're madewithstalebread, homemade croutons will still taste fresher and more flavorful than most of what you'll find at the store. And making them couldn't be simpler: Start by slicing bread into cubes, drizzle them with olive oil, and toss with whatever herbs or spices you like.

Most people will tell you tomake sweet bread pudding when you've got stalebread on your hands, but a savoury dish will take your bread further. Make a savoury version with delicious prosciutto, mushrooms and parmesan that will be perfect for lunch or dinner. 11. Treat yourself to boozy French...

I make something similar, but always with fresh bread and no 'soaking'. Bread cubes, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, avocado and vinegarette dressing

Make a decadent, sweet bread pudding for dessert with milk, eggs, sugar and flavorings like vanilla and cinnamon. Or create a drool-worthy side with

Before you throw out hard, stalebread products, try restoring its texture with heat and moisture. This is most effective if the bread was kept wrapped and still has a little give

So what? From stuffings to bread puddings to french toast, here are some delicious uses for your days-old bread.

Stale breadcrumbs are used to create this delicious apple dessert casserole. Serve this yummy dessert warm with a big scoop of pecan ice cream, or top it with freshly whipped cream or whipped topping.

Forgot to finish the loaf? You can revive stalebread using one of these three cooking hacks.

Bring stalebread back to life by making Italian Style Nachos, Bread Soup or one of these other frugal cooking ideas.

I was able to take stale, nearly inedible bread and transform it back into soft, chewy, bread with a beautifully crusty exterior.

Refrigerated bread may stale up to six times faster in the refrigerator than it would if left on the counter in a paper bag. There are a couple of things you can do to slow staling. The first is to add fat; fatty acids slow down the staling process, which is why pound cake keeps a lot longer than Frenchbread.

While sourdough bread will generally keep longer than breadmadewith yeast, if you have a loaf go stale, here are a number of

Recipe FrenchBread Stuffing - There are so many delicious recipes that I created a Pinterest board just so I could collect them all!

Stalebread and crusts might not seem like the most versatile of foods, but you'd be surprised! Our Dinner Doctor Rachel Kelly shows you how to turn crumbs

Stale bread afflicts every baker from time to time. But don’t despair, and definitely don’t throw out that stale loaf! With some creative kitchen wizardry, you can find new ideas for whatto do withstalebread and make dishes that can bring new life to your aging bread.

Don't let stalebread go to waste. Bread is a culinary vehicle for many different dishes, from desserts to breakfast cups.

What Is The Difference Between FrenchBread and Italian Bread? Both Italy and France are countries that specialize in bread making.

Bread bake? Savoury french toast casserole? Whatever you call this, this Chicken and Spinach Strata is

Ever find yourself with leftover bread that's gone stale? Here's whatto do withstalebread and tips on how to revive it.

Stale white bread works best, but feel free to experiment with other varieties. Make a poultice. Soaking a piece of bread in hot milk is a renowned folk remedy for bringing an unripe boil or pimple to a head. Press the excess liquid from the bread, spread it over the affected area, and cover with a clean cloth.

So my question is, what makes Frenchbread French? It has the same ingredients as Ciabatta, which is Italian and has a totally different flavor and texture.

Stalebread, as opposed to moldy bread, can be prepared in many different ways that make it perfectly okay to eat. Stalebread makes perfectly good toast, or may be cut up and toasted or pan fried with butter and herbs tomake crou…tons, or ground into crumbs for crunch toppings. French toast is best...

During staling of bread various processes occur that cuase the bread to turn stale. The first is the movement of water.

Not sure whatto do with that stale loaf of bread sitting in your bread bin? Don’t worry, we’re here to inspire! There’s no need to bin your shop-bought baguette or

Pulse to create crumbs Pulse the food processor or blender until the bread pieces are ground into fine crumbs.

Three simple and easy ways to save your stale bread. There are few things that are as delicious as a

Wondering about making Frenchbread at home? It can be done. Here are some tips to help you get started in what is really an art.

Stalebread is good for french toast, bread pudding, turkey stuffing, even making your own bread crumbs. There's no need to spend money on someone else's

When bread goes stale, it hardens, unlike chips, which become soft. Khuroshvili Ilya/Flickr.

Stalebread is preferred with it's hard texture tomakeFrench Toast. Whether it's pre sliced from the store or sliced up yourself into thicker slices.

Stalebread should never be thrown out – there are so many things that you can do with it! Every week before I go food shopping, I like to do a little clean-out of my bread basket.

Cuban BreadFrench Toast. Are there certain things you don’t cook yourself — but you order all the time

Now unfortunately what I mean by stalebread has nothing to do with anything that came in plastic. That deserved a place in the rubbish while it was sti...

It’s the traditional thing to do withstalebread, and it’s great in soup and salad