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I often receive emails asking whattodofor a friendwithcancer or another serious illness. So I decided to create a comprehensive post because I

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What better way to unwind then to spend some time with one of our favorite childhood hobbies, but with an adult spin: an adult coloring book.

Many people wonder what type of gift to give to a woman withcancer, whether it's meant to express hope during treatment, or as a normal sentiment during the

Similarly, look to your friend for cues on whatto discuss. “Sometimes patients express frustration because

Knowing whattodo is not easy. We’re here to help you find just the right gift to send your love. Our cancergifts and care packages are carefully selected and assembled, and sent with love and a prayer. It would be our honor to help you help your friend or loved one, and show your support during...

Friends want to help, but often do not know whattodo. Countless studies show that cancer survivors adjust better to the changes cancer brings to their

Whatto say to a friendwithcancer. Sky Khan had plenty of difficult conversations with friends and family when she told them that her four-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with leukemia. Sky thought about what people did or said that gave her the most comfort and reassurance during this...

Do not be afraid to make plans for the future. This gives your friend something to look forward to

What can we write in a card for someone withcancer that will help them with their struggle?

Friends of cancer patients often want to help, but don’t know whattodo. Here we will give you some ideas about where to start.

Three breast cancer patients on what presents they would like to receive that can help someone going through breast cancer treatment.

Deciding what might be a helpful, appropriate and inspirational gift for a cancer patient is often difficult. What do you get? Suggestions I've heard - and.

Choosing a gift for a friend fighting cancer shouldn’t be any different; there are just a few things to keep in mind.

So often friends rally around asking what they can do. Besides pray -- to whomever, and make it go

Not to toot my own blog, but I wrote What Not to Say to THIS Cancer Patient when I was in the early stages of treatment.

“A person withcancer still wants to feel like a human being, not a diagnosis,” Kelman says. “When someone only relates by asking how they feel

When your friend receives the news of having cancer, how should you respond? It seems like cancer is being diagnosed more and more these days.

It's important to choose your words carefully when speaking to a cancer patient. Though you probably mean well, it's all too easy to accidentally insult someone.