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How can we be more sure that the information we find is true...? There are several methods for determining

Theinternet is the world’s largest computer network that is comprised of millions of computers that communicate together with a set of protocols

How can I add the full citation of a result on Google Scholar to my bibliography manager? Visit the settings page and select your preferred citation format in

Connecting a computer to theInternetis what unlocks the power of the computer.

How big istheinternet? One measure is the amount ofinformation that courses through it: about five exabytes a day.

Among the 79% of Americans who are online, theinternetis an even more significant source for local news and information.

Access to theInternet, with sufficient bandwidth, is essential for the development of an information society. Lack of broadband connectivity is preventing

At the moment the easiest thing that canbe done using theinternet is that we can communicate with the

Information ontheinternet ranges from truth to fiction to intentional misinformation. It's important to develop a critical eye towards everything you read.

Most of the world’s Internet users believe Internet accessis a basic human right. This is according to a new poll conducted for the BBC.

Whether it is on health information, world disaster, political issues or entertainment news. This problem can also be found among the social networkers.

A broadband service can transmit information at up to 40 times the speed of a dial-up modem connection. As the connection is always on, like water or electricity, users don't need to dial up every time they want to log on. Broadband ADSL also lets people surf theinternet and use the telephone...

Some information about you might be on what some refer to as the surface Web, made up of Web pages to which other sites link and that can therefore be found by search engines like Google.