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Current format for Excelworkbooks from Excel 20o7 and forward is the following: * .xlsx – Excelworkbook Other formats that are still supported

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You use the Open dialog box in Office Excel2007 to open an existing workbook. The appearance and functionality of Excel’s Open dialog box differs slightly depending on whether you’re running

In Microsoft Excel a workbook is a collection of one or more spreadsheets, also called worksheets, in a single file.

Some of you confuse about excel macro workbooks and microsoft excel worksheet,Lets know difference between workbook and worksheet inexcel.

Start Excel2007 or Excel 2010. (In this article, we use Excel 2010 for example). Click File, and then click Options. In the Excel Options window, click Save. Under the Save files in this format drop-down menu, select ExcelWorkbook (*.xlsx), and then click OK. Open an Excel file to confirm the issue is...

I received an excel file from my colleague on thumb drive; however, when I tried to open it with Excel2007 (as was the original file)

The workbook is in the correct location on my machine, etc. For some reason I cannot unhide it and have it show in my VBA window...

Answer:To open an existing workbookinExcel2007, click on the Microsoft Office button in the top left of the Excel window. This will reveal a list of "Recent Documents" which are the recent Excel workbooks that you have opened. To quickly open one of these workbooks, click on the workbook...

Here is another nifty tip submitted by a LockerGnome reader who spends a lot of time workinginExcel. If you are busy plugging numbers into Excel

Use the Excel new workbook or Excel new worksheet feature to create new files, insert and delete text, and navigate an Excel worksheet.

Excelworkbooks are Excel files that contain multiple spreadsheets known as Excel worksheets. It's often helpful to group worksheets together into workbooks when they are related to each other. You can copy a worksheet within a workbook or move a worksheet from one workbook to another.

Open a workbookinExcel2007, and there seems to be nothing open. But the formula bar (and name box) update as you move around this inivisible sheet? The workbook is open but its window is not visible, but as you arrow around things update – but you can’t see the grid.

What if your information is held in another worksheet or even another workbook? Can you reference the cells in different sheets or even different files?

Among the older versions of Excel, Microsoft Excel2007 is the most reliable one. Here in this section of the article we are going to explain how to lock

A workbook is another word for your Excel file. When you start Excel, click Blank workbook to create an Excelworkbook from scratch.

Excel Tip > Excel General > Excel Security - Protection > Protecting a WorkbookinExcel2007.

The Protect Workbook option in the Info menu also indicates that the workbook's structure is protected. To view this option, click File > Info

Excel's Move PivotTable command takes the work out of transferring a pivot table from one workbook to another. Here's a simple example that shows how to take advantage of this command.

What happens is excel stops responding ( I have waited over 30 minutes), then if I close it down it says file is repaired and all I have is unformatted text.

What exactly is a Personal Macro Workbook? Often on the internet you’ll find workbooks that you can

An Excelworkbook is composed of several pages of worksheets developed by Microsoft. Worksheets are combined together in workbooks to make location