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Best Answer: Your question is incomplete. Do you want thewasteproductsof drilling for naturalgas, for processing it before shipping it in pipe lines (cleaning) or of burning, which wasthe first answer.

Composed primarily of methane, the main productsof the combustion ofnaturalgasare carbon dioxide and water vapor, the

Naturalgasis a fossil fuel, though the global warming emissions from its combustion are much lower than those from coal or oil.

Surprising Uses OfNaturalGas: Naturalgasis used to manufacture a wide variety of products. The fertilizer being spread in the top left image might

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The productof the fusion, helium, is harmless. The engineering details of such a plant have not been established, but the energy produced will

Question 1. WhatIsNaturalGas, Png, Cng & Lng? Answer : Naturalgas as its name indicates is a

But whatisnaturalgas, and how does it form? Read on, because understanding the answers to these basic questions can paint a clearer picture of the plusses and minuses of this versatile fuel source. In its unprocessed form, naturalgas is actually a mixture ofnaturally occurring flammable gases.

The use ofnaturalgasis becoming more and more popular as it can be used with commercial, industrial, electric power generation and

Naturalgasis used in the making of anti-freeze and plastic. Food processing industries use basically only naturalgas to power up their plants, but waste treatment and petroleum refining are also big consumers ofnaturalgas. Because many gases can be extracted as a subproduct ofnaturalgas...

Naturalgasis a mixture of combustible gases formed underground by the decomposition of organic materials in plant and animal.

Some of the valuable by-products that come to us from the refining process include: butane, ethane, pentane, propane as well as some higher molecular

The value of flared gas in the state is roughly $100 million a month, leading property owners who lease their lands to the oil companies to believe they are losing money even though they are earning increasing royalties from the fast expansion of oil production in North Dakota. Oil output has risen by...

Wastes generated from crude oil and naturalgas exploration and productionare generally subject to regulation under Subtitle D of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and state regulations, and many state governments have specific regulations and guidance for exploration and...

But the gas that isbeing burned off may become useful. North Dakota has “naturalgas that

However, the method of generation of the recycled naturalgasis different. It is generated in the landfills where large amounts of wasteare generated

The naturalgasis used in the residential place by 21% and also in the United States because of people most of the power for using in home appliances.

LPG areby-productsof petroleum refining and NGL are removed from naturalgas before it enters transmission pipelines.” I’d like to share a few more facts with you.

Instead of producing just heat and electricity, as is done in a waste-to-energy plant using incineration, the syngas produced by gasification can be turned into higher value commercial products such as transportation fuels, chemicals, fertilizers, and even substitute naturalgas.

According to the Department of Energy, 90% of the naturalgas delivered directly to your home is useful energy. Electricity, on the other hand, loses

The history ofnaturalgas. Early human civilizations, while not understanding its cause, were certainly influenced by naturalgas. In whatwas deemed a mysterious and otherworldly phenomenon, lightning is known to have ignited naturalgas seeping from the earth’s surface, where a continuous...