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Madonna andChildEnthronedwith Four Angels, the Archangels Michael and Raphael, and St. Gusto and St. Zenobius Domenico Ghirlandaio • 1480-1485.

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Here Angelico shows an increasing command of space and an equal interest in its depiction. He has added a carefully rendered, elegant throne raised over three steps, which fills the greater part of the panel and produces a bold spatial statement. Its top takes the form of a hexagonal cupola, but this still...

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The Virgin is being crowned by flying angels. Two standing angels play a lute and a harp. The gold of the elaborate Gothic throne, suggestive of a church, is created with gold leaf overlaid with black lines, whereas the radiance around the Virgin's head and the embroidery of the hem of her dress are...

Around them are eight angels with splendid multi-coloured wings, gently raising the throne. What is rather unusual for the iconography of the VirginandChildenthroned is the depiction, under the throne, of several prophets from the Old Testament (left to right: Jeremiah, Abraham, David and...

Here the tender embrace of mother andchild and the Virgin’s wistful expression are typical of his lyrical manner. Another version of this composition in the Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena, still shows the influence of the sculpture of Andrea Verrocchio and is probably an early work, made before 1470.

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Identifier mma_virgin_and_child_enthroned__with_two_musical_angels_381604. Medium Engraving; first state. Rights Metropolitan Museum of Art Terms and Conditions.

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The Virgin Mary and Jesus are attended by angels, whose wings are partly visible. The angel in red directs our attention to the infant reaching for a

With his baby fat and large head, this Christ is a genuine child. Yet as Mary knows, grapes foreshadow sacrifice.

The beautiful and typically Spanish composition of the Madonna andChildenthronedwithangels became a popular subject in Valencian painting of

Versions of The VirginandChild with Saints Jerome and Nicholas of Tolentino, NG 2281, in the National Gallery, London, and the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, are compared. The London version is more damaged, but it became clear that both had been painted on canvas, though the Boston version...