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TomCruise (born ThomasCruise Mapother IV; July 3, 1962) is an American actor and filmmaker. He has been nominated for three Academy Awards and has won three Golden Globe Awards. He started his career at age 19 in the 1981 film Endless Love.

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TomCruise’s astrology birth chart shows the portrait of a man with an abundance of creativity and the intense desire to succeed professionally by harnessing those very gifts. He has his Sun in Cancer in his 10th House of Career. In a very real sense, the Sun placed here takes on a Capricorn identity.

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Katie Holmes famously predicted her marriage to TomCruise when, as an 8 year old girl, she saw him in the film Top Gun and 20 years later her wish came true when she married her childhood fantasy. When Katie was 8 years old, in her natalchart she was experiencing a Neptune transit of her Mars.

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Astrology Yard interprets the birth chart relationship compatibility between TomCruise and Penelope Cruz and why their three year relationship ran its course.

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The Official TomCruise Website: Featuring TomCruise’s biography, filmography, links to social media accounts, and information about his latest films.

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Berita TomCruise - Connor Cruise, anak TomCruise akan menikahi kekasihnya, seorang gadis Italia bernama Silvia. Namun sang ibu Nicole

Childhood: Born ThomasCruise Mapother IV in New York, Cruise is the son of Mary Lee and ThomasCruise Mapother III. Cruise was raised and educated in Ontario, Canada as his

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TomCruise Replaced As Jack Reacher For Being Too Short, Author Says.

TomCruise (Leading Actor) - Movie Box Office Performance Summary and Breakdown.

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Not tomcruise. Professional impersonator.

Which TomCruise is the Greatest TomCruise?

Profile of TomCruise's support for charities including UNICEF, Jackie Chan Charitable Foundation, and Lollipop Theater Network.

Name at birth: ThomasCruise Mapother IV. TomCruise as been one of Hollywood’s biggest and most persistent leading men for three decades. He first made a strong impression in the teen comedy Risky Business (1983) and then had his first box-office smash as the fighter jock Maverick in Top Gun...

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Lots choices of TomCruise Pictures. Gallery 1 contains high res quality pics in event appearances, red carpets, tv shows, movies premiere and music performances - (Picture - of ).

Then, whether your natalchart appears to be favourable or not, you have to borne in mind that although the data are reliable, the interpretation is rather superficial, sometimes there are things than can look too bad but looking in deep they are not so bad or can be compensated easily.

TomCruise was born ThomasCruise Mapother on July 3, 1962 in Syracuse, New York. Interested in drama since the fourth grade, Cruise got his big acting break with a small role in 1981's "Endless Love." That led to a major supporting role in "Taps" later that year.

Tom Crusie has a new movie hitting theaters this week, but the actor has never been one to simply enjoy his success. He's got several other movies already planned for the next few years. We're always up for a good Tom Crusie movie, and honestly, most of these look like they could be pretty damn good.

TomCruise is 4 years older than Salman Khan, but look at the stunts he performs, Oh Maa! Look at the warmth and humility he conveys in his persona. He lights up the room and the screen, depending on where you are watching him.

But I also have to confess that it was my relationship with J that first had me reading astrology texts looking for signs that we were meant to be…looking particularly at my chart for signs romance, his chart for signs of fate and passion and, finally, our charts meshed together for the cosmic indicators...

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The latest Tweets from TomCruise (@TomCruise). Actor. Producer. Running in movies since 1981. Worldwide.

ThomasCruise Mapother IV aka TomCruise (DOB: July 3, 1962) is an acclaimed American actor who has not just won three Golden Globes but has also been nominated for the Oscars thrice. Famous for performing death-defying stunts, the 54-year-old actor always stays in amazing shape to play his roles...

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TomCruise’s Diet Plan. While not following a particularly structured diet, he has been noted as eating very clean. His diet includes chicken, fish, vegetables

Berita TomCruise - TomCruise baru-baru ini menggoda fans dengan bocoran waktu perilisan dua film baru Mission: Impossible.

TomCruise, who is known for appearing in Mission Impossible film series, is considered little short. Due to this reason, he is seen wearing elevator high heel shoes in public appearances which adds couple of inches to his body frame, and he looks in line with his male and female co-stars.