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TantalWZ.88 is an assault rifle featured in CrossFire. It looks like a combination between...

For the chemical element, see tantalum. Kbk wz. 88Tantal.

The wz.88 does have an "abnormal" spray pattern but it is more than controllable.

First prototype Tantalwz.81 with integral bipod – note the wooden pistol grip from milled AK, earliest type of fire-selector and an AKM-style magazine.

, TantalWz.88 y la AK-47 probandolas en crossfire europe 2013.

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1990 "Tantal" - Based on the wz/88 model but chambered to fire the 5.56x45mm NATO standard round. • wz. 1974 - Rifle/Grenade Launcher Combination

here is the problem, when I level up I get gp, and I save it for a wep and some crates Bought Tantal.wz.88 wep, and some crates, in my Profile the temporary weps showed up there but not the Tantal .. and the 7days are over and they disappear and still no Tantal shows ..

CrossFire VN - TantalWZ88 - Newest weapon updated in CF Vietnam this patch, the TantalWZ88 is an advanced version of AK-47 with metal skin and front barrel tripod - it deals more damage and shoot slightly faster, but still suffers from high recoil and somewhat longer reload time...

Looking back at the Polish Tantalwz.88, a highly capable AK-74 variant whose service life was cut short due to political realities at the end of the Cold War.