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SuperMarioGalaxy had a larger impact and wow factor while also boasting more originality, considering it was the first in the Galaxy series to be

Hey everyone and welcome to our 4 player VS or SuperMarioGalaxy 2! We know many of you have been asking us to do this, and we are excited to finally bring it to you!

After inserting the SuperMarioGalaxy disc into the Wii console, turn on your Nintendo Wii, and select the small upper-left hand box.

Shigeru Miyamoto has spoken up about SuperMarioGalaxy 3 and whether or not we'll be seeing it anytime soon. The short answer?

Not so in SuperMarioGalaxy 2 , the stunning new sequel to the imaginative 3-D platformer that first launched Nintendo’s plumber into space. In fact, the Wii game trots out its most complex and creative challenges after the final credits roll. If you haven’t seen them, you haven’t truly finished the game.

How do you play as Luigi in SuperMarioGalaxy? Collect all 120 stars and then talk to Rosalina. She will send youto Bowser's Galaxy Reactor. Defeat Bowser, and you will unlock theoption to play the game again as Luigi. Rep…eat this process with Luigi to unlock the final galaxy for Marioand Luigi.

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May 23rd's Wii exclusive SuperMarioGalaxy 2 has not just a release date and a trailer, but Planet Mario, some screenshots and some bullet points worth

A page for describing YMMV: SuperMarioGalaxy 2. Accidental Innuendo: When you fight Digga-Leg, you must hit it between the legs with a drill.

Il sito ufficiale di SuperMarioGalaxy 2 include video, immagini e tantissime altre informazioni su questa avventura intergalattica di Mario per Wii.

Similar to the first SuperMarioGalaxy installment, you'll need to travel to far off galaxies to find the princess. However, the new map layout harkens back to the days of SuperMario Bros. 3, where there are various levels laid out in a path to the big boss fight.

The Unending SuperMarioGalaxy. With the introduction of Mario games, these immediately make an impact to the gaming life of anyone who owns a

Summary: SuperMarioGalaxy 2, the sequel to the galaxy-hopping original game, includes the gravity-defying, physics-based exploration from the first game, but is loaded with entirely new galaxies and features

SuperMarioGalaxy 2 is the best Mario game ever. There, I said it. What Nintendo's EAD Tokyo team has managed to pull off in this game is astounding

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I'm pretty sure some people have heard of the SMG hacking scene before. If not, it's actually really easy now to make a level for the SuperMario...

Looks like Nintendo really enjoyed the Space motif last time, so they're doing it again. How does this game manage to make a name for itself after the successful predecessor? You'd be surprised. Mario is orbiting the Nintendo Wii one last time with SuperMarioGalaxy 2!

Never was any of that 'galaxy ds' version for Mario since 2007. There's also the 'sunshine ds' vesion too.....fake as well. Check Wikipedia if you want to see the complete legit Mario Bros releases for all consoles.

SuperMarioGalaxy 2.5 is a suite of custom levels for SMG2. The hack isn't finished yet, but they plan to include a remake of Bob-Omb Battlefield from SuperMario 64, for example. Of course, you'll need the Homebrew Channel, Riivolution and a retail SuperMarioGalaxy 2 disc to try this one.

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