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Uh obviously SuperMario 3D World. The artstyle in both games is great, 3d World has the benefit of better textures and resolution and stuff though.

As for SuperMarioGalaxy, I thought it was too easy, or the levels weren't that great, I really liked the obstacle course levels, I liked the bosses, good graphics and sound, some of the

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SuperMarioGalaxy 2 is nothing short of a masterpiece. Although I did miss the tender story moments of the original, SMG2's design and mechanics gave us one

Response to SuperMarioGalaxy 1 Vs. 2 2012-01-16 20:07:14. At 1/16/12 08:03 PM, Bobbybroccoli wrote: While I have fond memories of a sixth grader playing MarioGalaxy in 2007 Christmas day, the fact that I got to the ned of that game meant that it was too easy. Wow, you must be really good!!!

Mario must travel across various galaxies to recover the Power Stars in order to travel to the center of the universe and rescue the princess.

SuperMarioGalaxy is certainly an amazing platform video game for all ages!

I have completed Galaxy 2 only ever using GX so that isn't neccessarily your problem. Certainly wouldn't hurt to try using Wiiflow or CFG loader.

Not so in SuperMarioGalaxy 2 , the stunning new sequel to the imaginative 3-D platformer that first launched Nintendo’s plumber into space. In fact, the Wii game trots out its most complex and creative challenges after the final credits roll. If you haven’t seen them, you haven’t truly finished the game.

After inserting the SuperMarioGalaxy disc into the Wii console, turn on your Nintendo Wii, and select the small upper-left hand box.