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Selling a CarwithaLien. If you have alienon your vehicle, you can still sellit, but the process will be more complicated. A lienholder is the financial institution or individual that holds the rights to

If your car lien holder is local, the seller and buyer can go to the lender’s office directly to pay off the loan and give the buyer ownership of the title

Trying to sell a used carwithalien can be tricky. Follow these tips to get top dollar on your sale.

When trying to sell your car, it’s important to inform potential buyers that there is still alienon the car. This may make some buyers wary, while others may simply

With car loans, the lender usually files for alien with the state department of motor vehicles.

Vehicle owners wondering how to sell a carwithalienon the certificate of title have four options to both remove the lien holder and transfer ownership.

How do you sell a carwithalienonit? Answer . If you sell it for the amount owed, it's little trouble.

When there’s alienon your car, it has to be removed before ownership can be transferred. If you need another vehicle, the easiest way to do this is to head to a dealership. You’ll be able to sell the car to the dealer, they'll pay off the lien, and you can apply any equity toward a new vehicle. If you’re ready to...

Selling a car can be a complicated process, and it’s even more intimidating if you still owe money on the vehicle you’re selling. Fortunately, it’s a common

I would like to sell the car to a private buyer, as opposed to a dealer, to make as much back as possible. How do people deal with having alienon

About the only way to sellit would be to have the buyer go to the bank with you and pay off the note when they pick up the car.

Selling a carwithalien gets more complicated when it's the result of another debt, such as overdue child support or court fees. The party seeking child support then becomes a secured creditor, which means she has a financial interest in the vehicle. Alien that isn't a financial lien may not be shown on...

Selling a carwithalien is a simple process. First you need to find out what your vehicle is worth and compare it to how much you owe.

...a carwithalienon the title is possible, but that lien has to be removed before the vehicle can legally be sold to the

I owe $4700 on my car and need to get rid of the payments so I am sellingit and getting something cheaper with the difference between what I owe

Still making payments on your car? You can still sell a carwithalienonit, but just be sure you follow the right steps so it's a smooth transition.

New car buyers often finance their vehicle purchase for a longer period than they intend to keep the car. The result is that when it’s time to sell, the title will still have alien holder, which must be paid in full before ownership can be transferred to the

Here's the issue: The loan onit is with Chase bank who provided the special terms through Mazda. I know that generally when selling a carwithalien you want to meet at the bank who provided the loan, so the buyer can just pay it off there and take delivery of it.

If there is alienon the car, you may ask the seller to pay off the loan before you buy the car. As soon as the seller pays the claim, he should contact the lender and

The car has a $10,900 Lean onit. I called the bank, they said the only way they can release the car is for me to pay off the balance on the account.

They cannot sell it with the debt onit eiher. Nobody is going to notorize the sale of an item from one person who doesnt really own it to another. This ends up being a lot more like when you buy a house that isn't paid off.

Selling a carwithalien is extremely common, especially when it comes to cars that've been financed. Here's everything you'll need to know about selling a

Most people think they can’t sell their car just because they still owe money onit.

Liens are a method of collection used by creditors. You can sell a house withalienonit, but it's difficult without expert professional help.

I want to sellit to an individual. I haven't the funds to repay the loan until I'm paid for the car. The buyer doesn't want to pay me without alien release (or

Buying a used car can be a tricky proposition. It requires a diligent search, test drives, and plenty of

The specifics vary by state but I sold my carwithalienonit in Dec in NY State. It's a little bit of a pain but luckily the gentleman who bought had some knowledge in legal forms. Basically what we did was, I found a Bill of Sale for vehicles online which we both filled out, got notarized, and retained a copy.

If the car you have your eye on is not owned free and clear but has alienonit, not to worry.

An auto lien is a claim on your vehicle by another party. A car insurance calculator will ask about

Selling a CarwithaLien. The security on your car loan is the vehicle itself.

Witha little preparation and clear communication with the buyer, you can navigate these extra steps successfully.

I brought a used car from a dealership and when i tried to transfer the title into my name i discovered ... it bought a carwithalienon the title.

If there is alienon the vehicle, the lienholder will receive the title. If you have not received your title

I am looking at a used Mazda CX-5, but it is from Hertz and it has alienonit. Does this matter? Is this normal with used rental cars?

It is possible to fight these liens in court, unless the consumer signed this right away in a binding contract. Paying off the contractor or supplier, asking

QUESTION: Miranda on Facebook asks how to sell a vehicle withalien amount higher than the value. ANSWER: You have to cover the difference, and there are two ways to cover the

Alien can be placed on your vehicle for a number of reasons, most commonly as the result of an

Alienon a used car can seem like a major warning flag. This is true to an extent, but with care, you

A car title deals with the ownership aspect of your car and tells the state who the owner is and what liens are on the vehicle, just like a warranty deed or mortgage filing with your

I recently sold a Harley withalienonit. Seller paid cash ($20k, more then I have ever seen at one time).

-After purchasing the car I got it appraised (it was sold for @ least about 6000$ less than it was worth), insured, and registered -I drove the car for four

All loans on a carwithalien must be paid off before you can get the clear title transferred directly to you.