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GTA: SanAndreas Guide. Packed with strategies for each and every mission in the game... This guide contains a complete game walkthrough and tons of videos...

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This script allows you to revisit any storyline mission! To do this, click on the keyboard keys "Shift + M", then select a city and then a mission (with a space). Hold the "End" key on your keyboard, to cancel the Mission (Mission). After the end of the mission, you can teleport to the place where it started...

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I play GTA sanandreas because of the flying. But I also do missions. My question is how many missions is there before I can get to the desert-land on the 3 city, and get my flyinglinsence, so I can fly all airplanes ?

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SanAndreas is lauded by many as the best GTA game, either of the whole franchise or at least of the 3D era.

Notes [1] Catalina will give you four missions, but you can choose your own order in which you want to complete these. After the cutscenes at Catalina's Cabin you'll see the options on

The mission was made difficult by the impossible nature of the touchy RC controls, particularly for twin-analog users. The controls were basically backward