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I've tried everything people say. Tried to battle a registered member. Won't let me because I need to 'Choose a Name' but

I tried to register in pokemonshowdown but it doesnt give me that option. I enter choose name window and then type my name.

Tag: registerpokemonshowdown. Pokemon GO created by Niantic for iOS, Android, and Apple

Do you have PokemonShowdown? and are you a fan of Undertale? Well I have created a full on playthrough of both Trainertale and Trainerrune.

Note: This is for pokemonshowdown which has nothing to do with stat/movepool changes that PU has done.

Welcome to Pokemon Nostalgia! We are a tight knit community of fans of the original 151 Pokemon, if you are a fan of the old school then you are in the right place! Come and explore the Kanto Region in...