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List of the ConsofHealthInsuranceAcrossStateLines. 1. It would take several years for the benefits of this process to take effect.

The topic ofbuyinghealthinsuranceacrossstatelines has been hotly debated. There are both potential prosandcons on both sides of the

Consumers and advocates might like the idea of selling healthinsuranceacrossstatelines--it could, after all, increase competition and lower prices, making healthinsurance premiums more affordable. But it could also have unintended consequences. Some worry that if borders open up, states will roll...

Healthinsurance has traditionally been regulated by states, which, until the ACA established a set of essential health benefits and other minimum

Interstate insurance purchasing was the second item in the health care section of the GOP’s 2010 “Pledge to America,” right after tort reform. It’s also a part of Mitt Romney’s plan to replace Obamacare. It makes intuitive sense: after all, we can buy most other things acrossstatelines; why not health...

The individual healthinsurance market is dominated in many states by just a handful of companies, so

Short Term HealthInsurance has a broad network of healthcare providers and is accepted at many of the top hospitals and cancer centers in the United States.

Why do careful students of health care view cross-state sales of insurance skeptically? One reason is that it is already allowed –- and yet basically

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Association healthplans are healthinsurance that’s offered by and tailored for like-minded people.

Advocates of “selling healthinsuranceacrossstatelines” will insist that I am missing the point. Absent Obamacare, states had dramatically different

What is longevity and health like for your grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and siblings?

The Department of Health and Human Services would have to approve the cross-state sales, a

An insurance company can operate acrossstatelines (for example, many large health care insurers sell plans in multiple states), but any policy they sell in a particular state currently has to adhere to that state's regulatory requirements. You could say insurance can be purchased acrossstatelines but...

Many experts are skeptical about whether buyinghealthinsuranceacrossstatelines would actually work — more on that below — but we were interested in claims made by administration officials such as Vice President Pence and White House press secretary Sean Spicer that this would be similar to...

Allowing the purchase of healthinsuranceacrossstatelines would allow individuals to circumvent those mandates and purchase insurance from