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The release of PokemonUltraSun And Ultra Moon also helped with the sales of Nintendo 3DS since the console sold more than twice as many units

PokemonUltraSun and Ultra Moon are coming this November and you might want to know what goodies you get from pre-ordering the game. The games themselves are enhanced versions of the original Sun and Moon titles and will feature a new storyline and new Pokemon.

Expanded versions of PokemonSun and Pokemon Moon. Features new story additions and exclusive content. Unravel the mystery around two new legendary Pokemon formes.

Rare Candy is very helpful in PokemonUltraSun and Ultra Moon but quite rare. Here's how you get them easily in the games.

PokemonUltraSun and Ultra Moon are the latest games in the Pokemon series for the Nintendo 3DS platform and they’re also the last before the franchise moves over to the new Nintendo Switch . Jumping off from last year’s Sun and Moon, these return to the Alolan region to tell an alternate story that...