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Need a birthcertificate, marriage certificate, death certificate, or CENOMAR (Certificate of No Marriage Record)? Request these documents online from the PSA (NSO), for delivery anywhere in the Philippines or abroad.

Obtain official birthcertificatesonline for passports, visas, school, employment or driver's license. Securely order a copy of your birth record from VitalChek.

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Order an official birth, marriage or death certificate from the General Register Office (GRO) if you need a copy or want to

PSA (NSO) birthcertificates delivered in 3-7 days anywhere in the Philippines. PSA online processing for certificates of birth, marriage, death, and

You can order a birth or a commemorative birthcertificateonline. You will need a credit or debit card and the following information: full name of person whose birthcertificate is required. date and place of birth (district or street and town). names of parents (including mother's maiden name).

Official Health Service Executive website, secure online purchase of Birth, Marriage and Death certificates at no extra cost, orderonline for €11 (including p&p).

Order a birthcertificateonline. The Health Department issues birthcertificates for all people who are born in New York City.

If ordering a birthcertificateonline, you testify: that you are USING A CREDIT CARD IN YOUR OWN NAME, you are not using another person’s credit card to place an order and, you further state that you are a person listed on the birthcertificate (child, mother, or father) and, you further understand that...

Orderbirthcertificates (new and copies) from the official site of the state of Nebraska.

Your Pennsylvania birthcertificate is an important form of identification used for life events like

BirthCertificateOrder Form. This online form is 100% secure. Once your order is placed, you’ll see an “Order successfully transmitted” page and receive

Certificates for births prior to 1850 are not available. Newborn certificates are available approximately 4 weeks after the birth date. Call our office at

STEP 1: BirthCertificateOrder. Whose BirthCertificate are you ordering? My BirthCertificate Someone Else’s BirthCertificate YOUR Current Legal Name (Person Filing - Include First Middle and Last)*.

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Birth and death certificates are issued on a state level so you are going to first need to navigate to the state site that allows you to order a copy of a certificate.

Ordering your PSA certificate is easy. Click on the PSA certificate you need to get started.

Order a birthcertificate. New Zealand birthcertificates are a record of birth. You can order a birthcertificateonline. It costs $33 for a standard certificate. Order online — new or replacement.

Your birthcertificate is one of your fundamental identifying documents. It's used as a reference point for acquiring many other forms of ID. But sometimes—whether due to a move, a natural disaster, or just a bad memory—your birthcertificate may get lost over the years. This guide will help you learn what...