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Chalk one more up for James Cameron. After the wave of stories yesterday about how Avatar was almost #1, Avatar has cracked the threshold and is now the highest.

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Gone with the Wind if you adjust for inflation. Then Star Wars. Titanic is number1 in money but number 7 in actual ticket sales.

I bet all those naysayers and doubters about how well Avatar would do at the boxoffice have little to say now. James Cameron's Avatar has surpassed Titanic as the numberonealltime grossing film worldwide. A fact that differs widely from the opinion of those who said it couldn't beat The Twilight...

The boxoffice success of Star Wars 7 has been incredible. But when you look at the all-time North America ticket sales leaders…..Star Wars: The

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There are a number of lists that exist for the funniest moviesofalltime. Not all lists available have the same movies in them but there is very little difference. IMDB has …a comprehensive listing on their website, as does Yahoo and Bravo television.

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Boxoffice revenue is one of the film industry’s most significant measures of a film’s commercial success—it is the sum of money generated in ticket sales during the period of time that a film is shown in theaters.

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If the film continues to be such an epic dud at the boxoffice, it will force the studio to record an operating loss between $80 million and $120 million for the quarter.

Captain America’s Winter Soldier has been the numberoneboxofficemovie for three weeks. It featured uploading. Uploading is where a persons conscious is uploaded to computers.

Boxoffice flops happen a lot more than you’d expect, just look at the newest Fantastic Four movie.

August is notoriously not a great movie month. With expectations for ticket sales already low in general, studios typically use the four weeks to release features not

In furtherance of my lifelong obsession with box-officenumbers, I had every intention this morning of spending a couple of hours pouring over

… Betty Grable was the numberoneboxoffice attraction at the time of this film's release.

Superstar Rajinkanth’s alltime blockbuster movie Enthiran is the highest grosser ever in tamil

Going into the weekend, boxoffice analysts had feared that “Ready Player One” might arrive to as little as $38 million in ticket sales in the United States and

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Boxoffice: $10.8 million (domestic release only). It’s a cult classic now, but when “Office Space” was one of the new movies to hit theaters in 1999, it

After spending four weeks at numberone, the film lands 30th on the all-time chart for most consecutive weekends at the top spot.

At present, mainland China's movieboxoffice constantly set new records. Now let us have a look at the top 10 box

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That ranking of share performance was then averaged against the film’s domestic gross box-office sales, adjusted for inflation, according to numbers provided by BoxOffice Mojo.

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All-Time Top 232 Movies by U.S. Theatre Attendance. This chart lists movies ranked by the number of movie tickets sold in the United States1. The data are computed by taking boxoffice receipt data and dividing by ticket price. This is pretty much the only way to do it for United States and United...