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Norton Door Controls CLP7500T x 689 7500SeriesDoorCloser, Cast Aluminum Body, Adjustable Size 1-6, Heavy Duty Arm with Thumbturn Hold Open, Aluminum Finish.

7700 Collection Delayed Action DoorCloser This 7700 seriesdoorcloser is the delayed action counterpart of its popular series mate, the 7700.

The 7500SeriesDoorCloser offers customers the ideal combination of superior performance, strength and quality.

7500SERIES Institutional DoorCloser7500SERIES institutional doorcloser overview The 7500SeriesDoorCloser offers customers the

The 7500SeriesDoorCloser offers customers the ideal combination of superior performance, strength and quality. Ideal for interior or exterior doors in facilities that demand reliability. Specifications: Closers for interior and exterior doors shall be full rack-and-pinion type with cast aluminum alloy body.

The 7500SeriesDoorCloser offers customers the ideal combination of superior performance, strength and quality.

Closer Series: Norton7500. Hydraulic/Pneumatic: Hydraulic. Closer Mounting Style: Top Frame. Specifications. Brand. Norton doorclosers. Manufacturer Part Number. UNI7500 36 AL.

The NortonDoorCloser Regular Arm is the standard arm that is shipped with the 9300, 1600, 8301, 8501 and 7500doorclosers.

The 7500 is a heavy duty closer suited for instituional use. Features • Non-handed • Rack-and-pinion design • Cast aluminum body • 2-3/16" (56mm) projection • 1-1/2" (38mm) diameter piston • 5/8" (16mm) diameter pinion journals • Staked valves • Standard, separate and independent, latch, sweep...

Norton UNI7500 33-41 690 Unitrol Arm DoorCloser Adjustable Size 1-6 33" to 41" Door. DoorCloser, Closed Doors, Arms, Coat Of Arms, Firearms.

A doorcloser is a mechanical device that closes a door, after someone opens it, or after it was automatically opened.

Norton is known for manufacturing doorclosers with a proven track record of quality. Barzel Lock offers all the most popular models of these reliable

CloserSeriesNorton7500. Interior/Exterior Interior and Exterior. Automatic/Manual Manual. Hydraulic/Pneumatic Hydraulic. Closer Performance Extra Heavy Duty. Closer Type Non Hold Open. Hand Orientation Non-Handed. Ligature Resistant No. Closer Mounting Style Parallel, Regular, Top...

Product Description & Features: • Made for use with the Norton7500Series Surface Closer. • Narrow Top Rail - Drop Plate: For use where a narrow top rail prevents the closer from being mounted directly to the door surface. • This drop plate can be used to mount a closer on a top rail as narrow as 2-1/2"...

The 7500series of doorclosers are designed comply requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and ANSI standards 7500SeriesDoorClosers.

The Norton7500BF institutional doorcloser are ADA compliant and adjustable in the full spring range 1 - 6. The are narrow projection door controls: projection is just 2-1/8" from the surface of the door or the jamb.

Norton Door Controls 7500da X 689 7500SeriesDoorCloser, Cast Aluminum Body, Norton7500da Aluminum 7700 Series Delayed Action DoorCloser.

Norton7500 multi size doorclosers provide versatility for almost any application situation. The first noticeable feature is shafts which project.

With a variety of doorclosers and operators, Norton’s reputation for long-lasting, quality products remains among the best in the industry. Anderson Lock stocks a wide range of Norton doorclosers, including the Norton 1600 Seriesdoorcloser and the Norton7500Series heavy duty doorcloser.

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The series 7500 doorclosers are designed to comply with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (A.D.A.) and ANSI standard A117.1.

The Norton7500doorcloser employs a double-arm assembly, and is designed to be installed on the pull-side of the door, making it the most power-efficient application for a doorcloser. Please note the Norton7500doorcloser arm projects directly out from frame. You'll want to ensure safe clearance...

Norton. 7500Series Surface DoorCloser. 7500-689-SN. Adjustable Sizes 1 Thru 6, Tri Packed, Regular Arm, 689 Aluminum Finish, Including Sex Nuts.

Norton7500 Closer. Norton is one of the leading closers in the industry. This Grade-1 non-handed rack-and-pinion design with cast aluminum body

Norton 8301689 Aluminum 8000 ADA Compliant Adjustable Spring Sizes 1-6 Institutional Hold Open DoorCloser with Slim Cover from the 7500Series.

7500NortonDoorCloser. General Information. The series7500(BF) doorcloser has all of the features of the series 7700 doorcloser, with the following exceptions: Multi-size closer with a choice of power adjustment ranges: 7500 adjustable for power sizes 2 through 6. These power sizes qualified...

The NortonDoorCloser7500 with 689 finish can be purchased here:

7500-691 Norton7500Series Non-Hold Open Institutional DoorCloser with Regular Parallel or Top Jamb to 3 inch Reveal in Dull Bronze $510.00 $286.88.

7500/7550 Sheet Series. Eliminates Mechanical Seal Failure Problems • Enclosed column for external tank mounting • Flow rates up to 4000 GPM • Heads up to 400 TDH • Jacketed ball bearing housing for high temperature applications

Norton 8000 Series Heavy Duty Surface Commercial DoorCloser featuring the Norton 8501 closer, Norton 8501M closer, and the Norton 8301 closer.

Concealed DoorClosers. Surface Mounted Closers. DoorCloser Accessories. Cylinders.

Norton7500H Institutional DoorCloser with Hold-Open Arm. Norton7500H Commercial DoorCloserNorton7500 Cutaway View. MSRP: $559.90.

The Norton7500doorcloser is comparable with the LCN 4041 closer and also the Cal Royal CR441 doorcloser.

Norton7500 closer: Institutional DoorCloser for High Traffic Openings - Norton7500doorcloser.

1700 SERIESDOORCLOSER WITHOUT BACKCHECK SIZE 4 DURONOTIC Heavy Duty Rack & pinion mechanism Two separate valves