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my annual raibi redraw of my first digital drawing ever!!! im actually??? holy cow??? i keep looking at all three versions and questioning how thats even the same person tbH IM,,, WOW IVE IMPROVED A TON AKFLJNHDFJKH every version of this drawing: and like?? wow...

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Let's make the most ofthe night like we're gonna die young. Join my discord server for your daily dose of friendliness(click the image to join)

I started to get the hang of it and pretty much stopped listening to Mike. I shut my eyes and just listened to myheartbeat.

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DRUM TOTHEBEAT Drum Circles With A HeartBeat! 413-884-5088 [email protected] “When we drum like that, it feels as if we are calling out the

When we dance (when we dance) tothebeatofthedrum We dance totheheartbeatofthe earth Ofthe Mother, Creator.

Influencer, Model, Founder of K Bella Swim from Singapore, Singapore.

“Drums, Drums, Drums HeartbeatoftheDrumsThebeat goes on and on This energy that you’re feeling is high So high that it reaches the Sky Dwell within this place For these Celestial energies Are a part of God’s

We march tothe sound of different drums For we both want different things from life You don't care to discuss anything serious While I want.

And in the process providing the family with an ongoing beautiful piece of their loved ones: their strong heart continuing to beat through a piece of music that mirrors life and connects with their presence and never ending love. Through Brian’s work and the stories that unfold with the patients we follow, the...

It's thebeatofmyheart What you feel deep inside And it means you better stay behind my love.

I drummed my fingers along to Escape The Fate's 'Situations'. I would have sang if I were alone