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"MozillaFirefox".. I tried to copy the original one but it didnt turn up looking alike with it. =,= .. Anyway.. The name MOZILLAFIREFOX in my drawing was suppose to be MOZILLA FIREWOX because of "lack of sleep" disease XD.. Hope u like it..

MozillaFirefox is a free and open source web browser developed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux coordinated by Mozilla Corporation and Mozilla Foundation. 2012 MozillaFirefox Browser Mascot.

Firefox-tan has the advantage that she already is the de facto Firefoxmascot in the hopelessly otaku world, but Konata from Lucky Star cosplaying as the Firefox icon is simply too funny! In other news, I tried Firefox 4.0 Beta 10 this afternoon. Broke a whole bunch of my plugins, but certainly looks slick.

Cool MozillaFirefox Icons – Hot Anime Firefox Girls You ... 520 x 648 jpeg 55kB. Firefox - OS-tan - Zerochan Anime Image Board.

Mozilla akhirnya telah merilis versi final untuk browser Firefox 10.0.1. Firefox 10.0.1 kini sudah tersedia untuk Windows, Linux dan juga Mac OSX dan.

Firefox's logo features a shiny picture of Earth that adorns a fiery Firefox encircling it. Judging by the name 'Firefox' and the appearance of the animal in the logo, it's easy to assume that Mozilla's famous mascot is actually a fox. In actual fact, this is not the case. Mozilla themselves stated that it is indeed...

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AnimeFirefox. Version: 1.0. Author: Brian Brun. Description: A beautiful AnimeFirefox icon. Important note: install scripts to be updated shortly. In the meantime, right-click the install link, Save Link As, and then once downloaded, open the file with a zip extraction utility to access the icon files.

Utilu MozillaFirefox Collection Utilu MozillaFirefox Collection is a ... free web browser MozillaFirefox, which are standalone ... Usage In Utilu MozillaFirefox Collection you can ... installed versions of MozillaFirefox. Filenames or URLs ... tabs being opened.

Mozilla Japan is presently holding a contest to name their new mascot (pictured below). While the mascot does fit well into the Mozilla as well as Japan's Anime themes, I just think they are going to have a hard time having anyone take this seriously.

Sean Martell Creative Lead at Mozilla, Transmogrifier of vectors, animator of GIFs, CSS eyebrow waggler

MozillaFirefox is a global brand and a community, so it’s only natural that local communities have created their own mascots to reflect their culture and love for MozillaFirefox. The most popular local mascot is Foxkeh from Japan: There’s Foxmosa from Taiwan