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I recently reinstalled Ubuntu, gotten everything I need setup and configured correctly, except World of Warcraft. I have installed it and I can login, but the cursor while I am in the window is the Ubuntu Human

The mouseproblem disappears and the game runs smoothly. I also tried Sawfish and it also did not have the mouseproblem.

WarcraftMouse Helper v1.2 for Warcraft: Orcs & Humans (1994) by Blizzard Entertainment This Windows utility allows for better mouse control in

I've been having mouse lag randomly inwc3. To put it bluntly, the pointer moves

Since i reinstalled OS few days ago I got problem with mouse. When I moving by pressing together LMB+RMB and I will use in same time MB4 or MB5 (side buttons), cursor appear and camera rotate around, its really annoying.

I sucessfully install WoW and Wine 0.9.15 but I have a mouse bug. I'm not able to attack or search corpse withe the mouse (and as it's the only way I'm not able at all to get the equipment of a dead enemy).

I have a problem while playin word of warcraft with my mouse, the warcraftmouse and the linux mouse are both on the screen, is there anything to solve that? so I have one mouse.

I am having mouse issues when I play World of Warcraft. The cursor will stutter and jerk in random directions making the game practically unplayable. I understand this is a known issue with 8.1 and there have been supposed fixes for the problem but I have had no success after trying them all.

Fixing this mouseproblem Step 1: Open ANY folder. Step 2: Go to Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types Step 3: Find "File Folder" in that list Step 4: Click "Advanced" then "New". Step 5: For "Action", put "Open" and for "Application Used to Perform...

I have the same problem. The mouse does feel waaay slow, it's hard to actually select units, you never know where the cursor is going to end up!

P.S: It happens inWarcraft III too. Here's a short video: Final edit: PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks to this sherlock holmes-ish reply

I have been recently having problems with my mouse in Minecraft. The mouse works fine in any application except Minecraft and mostly acts up on multiplayer. The mouse will not click no matter what I try left click and right click. It is not a gaming mouse just a generic Logitech wireless mouse...

The problem is that the mouse moves really slow over the screen, often doesnt register movements and jumps a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions

Log in and go to Options>Interface>Mouse then click Detect World of Warcraft Gaming Mouse. click okay then hit the Key Bindings section. From there you can bind your mouse buttons to watever is available. Hopefully this solves your problems with the mouse.

The problem only occurs in WINE and only after upgrading to Ubuntu 17.10. No problems with the keyboard although both use the same Logitech

Hi, I have small problem. I need to discable mouse control becouse I have arrow control and mouse is not required (mouse control is damaging triggers...

Weird ass problem that’s come with Windows 8.1 it seems. This started happening in both World of Warcraft and League of Legends after I updated to Windows 8.1. More than likely has something to do with the polling rate within Windows 8.1 itself, cant be certain though.