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The truth is, there are two types of men in this world: thehuntersandthegatherers. And, the sooner you can figure out which one a

Menare born hunters with dreams, hopes, desires and big ambitions.. but somewhere along the way, men feel like their wife just doesnt get it. In this podcast find out why and how to correct it! ONWARD!

As thehunter part of a hunter-gatherer society, men were faced with complex, life-threatening problems that needed solving

Males arethe aggressive protectors, the caretaker of the childlike woman. Additionally, the submissive gender role always implies that

Scientists studying dissimilarities underlying some of the most important gender distinctions are finding differences deeply rooted to the days when men were hunters on the savanna andwomen were gatherers rearing children near camp. These dissimilar roles and...

What arehunter-gatherers of recent times generally like? Arehunter-gatherers more peaceful than food producers?

The ‘MantheHunter’ conference marked the beginning of hunter-gatherer studies as an area of inquiry across subfields of anthropology. The published volume appeared in the late 1960s during the second wave of feminism and inspired an immediate backlash against...

He argued that the animals and plants best suited to their environment are more likely to survive and reproduce, passing on the characteristics

Psychologically, womenare characterized as being apathetic and submissive. Women also generally tend to be more domesticated than men.

The thrill, apparently, is in the chase. So, logically, if you want to keep enjoying the attention, chocolate, late night calls and general adoration, well

HUNTER-GATHERERS TO FARMERS Doing what comes naturally The Neolithic Revolution The first farmers Farm

The Sentinelese arethe only hunter-gatherers who still resist contact with the outside world.

As the name implies, hunter-gatherersare peoples who obtain subsistence by

Menhunt wild animals while womengather roots and berries. Both tasks are becoming harder, however, as the Hadza are

And I know many males who are NOT able to even have the instincts to be either Hunters or Gatherers too!

Men certainly hunt more than women among hunter-gatherers, but the simplest and most common biological explanation – that women, being the childbearers, are more likely to be busy with pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the raising of small children – is the best...

Arguably, the Hadza of eastern Africa arethe most studied living hunter-gatherer groups today. Currently, there are about 1,000 people who call themselves

Something made after the period that you are studying. Paleolithic. The earliest part of human history (Old Stone Age).

So the idea that men do not have the capacity to nurture, and that creating and maintaining a caring, peaceful and healthy environment for others is the exclusive domain of women, is nonsense. Beyond that, to the degree that Eve is believed to be the original ancestor and prototype of all women...

In addition to money personalities, there are male-female difference in approaches to money that haunt many relationships. It could be said that some difference reflect men as huntersandwomen as gatherers. In his theatre piece, ‘Defending the Caveman’, Rob...

The article suggests this to due to evolutionally behaviours when men were huntersandwomen were gatherers.