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A person who has completed massagetherapy studies consisting of at least five hundred (500) clock hours of supervised instruction in a Coordinating Board of Higher Education (CBHE) certified school, Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) approved vocational program...

MissouriMassageTherapy Schools, Begin your journey in Missouri working towards a career that will take you to new heights; a massagetherapy career.

Missouri therapeutic massagetherapy license. Explanations of the massage board requirements and regulations for practicing massagetherapy.

The massagetherapy school at Midwest Institute can train you to take advantage of this exciting trend as it is increasingly recognized as a therapeutic practice.

Definition of MTIM, what does MTIM mean, meaning of MTIM, MassageTherapyInstituteofMissouri, MTIM stands for MassageTherapy

MassageTherapyInstitute is dedicated to teaching the technical and inter-personal skills that will enable you and your clients to live healthier and happier lives. Our classes will help you to respond intuitively to the needs of your client from an informed and educated perspective.

MTIM-the MassageTherapyInstituteofMissouri offers services, including massage education, student clinic, professional clinic and equipment sales/rentals. Its professional clinic offers sports, clinical, pain and rehabilitation, outcomes-based and stress-reduction massage.

...InstituteofMassageTherapy (MIMT) is a certified massage school who provides a wide range of massage courses to meet any of your requirements.

Successful completion of our school’s MassageTherapy Program provides students with all of the education and practical skills needed to take their licensing exams.

Descriptions ofMissourimassagetherapist classes, requirements, financial aid, and scholarships available.

Acronym /Abbreviation/Slang MTIM means MassageTherapyInstituteofMissouri. by

About My MassageTherapy. 32 Years of Experience. Downtown,accessible& professional unisex setting; walk-ins and appointments.

Schools of Medical Massage offers many benefits including: Financial aid opportunities, career placement services for graduates, four convenient locations, and more.

The Instituteof Harmonic MassageTherapy. Your home for professional massagetherapy in Wylie, Tx offering traditional and modern massage services in a relaxing environment. We offer you an amazing spa experience that is both unique and enjoyable.

MassageTherapy Career Statistics We know that sometimes, when you are trying to present a clear picture of a career field, statistics are a great help! So, we hope you enjoy these 10 factual tidbits about MassageTherapy. 1. The Center for Health Studies reports that massagetherapists, on average...

The Institute is comprised of 5400 square feet and is equipped with two lecture halls, including a Massage Classroom, an Anatomy and Physiology Classroom, four clinic rooms, a kitchenette, a student lounge and administrative offices. The Institute is located several yards from the highway, which...

Carolina Massage Institute, the massagetherapy school serving all of central North Carolina from the Piedmont Triad through the Research Triangle, will teach you how to bring the art and science of massage into a conversation to help each unique client feel better.

The Professional Clinical MassageTherapy program provides instruction in therapeutic massage with advanced training in the treatment of soft tissue ailments, postural distortions, and degenerative process of the body. The program prepares students for employment in medical based facilities such...

WellSpring School of Allied Health: WellSpring School of Allied Health (formerly MassageTherapy Training Institute) is a nationally-accredited allied healthcare school in Kansas City, Missouri. We provide a range of allied health Certificate and Associate Degree programs.

Massagetherapy is the practice of using touch to manipulate the soft-tissue muscles of the body. It is performed for a variety of reasons, including treating painful ailments, decompressing tired and overworked muscles, reducing stress, rehabilitating sports injuries, and promoting general health.

The Mission of the International InstituteofMassageTherapy is to provide quality education in the ever growing alternative healthcare field by offering

State ofMissouri, MassageTherapy Certification Requirements. To become a licensed massagetherapist in Missouri, you must complete a 500 hour massagetherapy program. You will need to pass the licensing exam. To renew your license, you must complete 12 hours of continuing education...