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Find out what lies within Disney World's undergroundtunnel system (aka "the Utilidors"). WARNING - If you’re afraid that the information I'm about to share will ruin the Disney magic for you: DON’T WATCH THIS VIDEO! Call (407) WDW-TOUR to reserve a spot on the Keys to the Kingdom Tour!

Enter the underground service tunnels to uncover a mystery that’s absolutely, almost unbelievably, true! The Guest-accessible areas of MagicKingdom park are actually on the second floor of a massive structure.

Disney's MagicKingdom is the most popular theme park in the world. Buried underneath its surface is an underground complex of staggering scope and

Of course there was a vast network of secret undergroundtunnels! This is Disney we’re talking about after all…

Secure paths, and tunnels under the mountains used since the Dacians? A simple legend or

When construction began on the MagicKingdom in Orlando, the first layer of the park that was built was 392,040 square feet of “undergroundtunnels, known as utilidors. Fun fact: They’re not actually underground. The “basement” level of the park is actually at ground level, and the part of the park...

One of Walt’s ideas was to create undergroundtunnels, allowing residents to pass through the city in a way that would help them avoid traffic. Although Epcot is not what Walt had intended, this idea was certainly useful in the construction of the MagicKingdom.

Here's a tidy little explanation of the "Utilidors" -- the secret tunnelsunder the MagicKingdom in Walt Disney World. I once got a tour of these, when I was working on Down and Out in the MagicKingdom, which has some of its action there in the Stygian depths of the Disney utility corridors.

Narrow tunnels last longer than wide ones. For a given width, taller ones are more likely to fail by side collapse than short ones.

There are also fascinating very old undergroundtunnels, caves and cities that have been discovered, but the history behind them remains unsolved because we have

The tunnels were built at ground level, making the actual theme park the second level of the MagicKingdom.

• The tunnels are not actually underground, but are technically the first floor of the MagicKingdom. Due to the high underground water tables and risk of flooding, the tunnels were built on ground level and covered with dirt excavated from the Seven Seas Lagoon. The Park was built on top of it all...

The MagicKingdom is built so the theme park is sitting on the second floor, at ground level is a series of tunnels and underground spaces known as “Utilidors.”

UndergroundTunnels. General Information: In Pirate King Online, there is an undergound tunnel

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So that is why we have compiled some of the most terrific facts about the Underground utilidors that will blow your mind. #1 Surprisingly Utilidors are not actually ‘Underground’ but on the ground floor. Via Disney.

That leaves the all black tunnel or the tunnel with white floor. You know that you have to get away from Jasper’s kingdom, so which way would lead away?

A Tunnel King is a character who is an expert in, well, tunneling. His solution to any problem is likely to be "We'll dig our way out."

"The underground 'utilidors' serve to allow cast members to move about the MagicKingdom and Epcot unseen. According to Disney expert and author Mike Fox of