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There is an ever growing number of companies that are throwing out support for Homosexual "Marriage".

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For those of you who are against gaymarriage this list will help you to stop spending your time and money with people you don't support. I'm not sure how much of the current times you can enjoy once you eliminate all of these amazing companies, but hey you can try and I support your right to dislike...

One that is against gaymarriage and another that against Campaign Finance Reform. Thanks! Update: this is for my homework in AP government !

Neutral: Absence of any support of liberal organizations or causes. A company also can score neutral if it supports liberal and conservative causes equally. Lean Conservative: Third-party donations to groupsthatsupport conservative organizations or causes, matching gifts to conservative causes or...

Some say that it is not ‘marriage’, that only a man and a woman can be married. Well, I make no distinction between marriage and civil partnerships, to me the

The official Catholic and Anglican view of religious marriage is that only a man and a woman can wed. The Catholic archdiocese of Sydney and the Anglican diocese of Sydney are both partners in

More surprising, however, is that several religious groups are now in support of marriage equality.

Supporters of same-sex marriage were cheered by Biden’s remarks and voiced their opposition to the North

GROUPS -- While attitudes about gaymarriage have shifted across groups, there still are sharp divisions. Age, ideology and partisanship strongly influence views on the issue.

States That Historically Allowed GayMarriage. Alabama. GayMarriage State Since: February 9

Support for gaymarriage among Americans in general has risen above 50% according to Gallup, but what the

Of course, there are those that will argue that a child should not be raised by a same-sex couple. That for some reason a gay or lesbian couple could

Dennis Wiley, who hosted the pro-gaymarriage gathering, explains his decision to lend support and tells

A growing number of Americans support same-sex marriage – and lawmakers and politicians are beginning to catch up.

Over two-thirds of Germans want gaymarriage to be legalized, bringing gay rights in line with those of heterosexual couples, a survey by YouGov published on

Democrats supportedgaymarriage by a 59% to 31% margin in April – that stands at 65% to 29% today. Most of this shift has come among liberal Democrats, 83

Opponents of gaymarriage also referred to Paul Clement, the prominent Washington, D.C., litigator who quit his law firm, King & Spalding, in 2011 after it withdrew as counsel for a congressional group defending the federal law that defined marriage as between a man and woman.

And fortunately, the wave of victories shows no sign of diminishing — this past week alone, we’ve seen great strides for marriage equality made in both Utah and