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Am I still breathing? Then nothing is as bad as it seems So justkeepbreathing, and keep calm, keep calm The only real control we have is over ourselves So let's get over it That we can't and we won't control anything else. You can't lose something you never had So why miss the memory of something...

WeCameAsRomans have posted a new track titled “JustKeepBreathing.” The band's new album, Understanding What We've Grown To Be, will be in stores on September 13 .

WeCameasRomans are an American symphonic metalcore band from Troy, Michigan. Formed in 2005, the band is managed by Outerloop Management and

JustKeepBreathingcomes off of Understanding What We’ve Grown to Be, that is released via Equal Vision Records on September 13. Take a listen to “JustKeepBreathing” right here and read the meaning behind the song in the video itself.

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