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Although his father was a sculptor, Freeny worked as an industrial designer until he lost his job in the financial crisis.

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JasonFreeny is an American artist specializing in sculpture, designer toys and computer-generated imagery. Kidrobot has worked with JasonFreeny on the sold out Half Ray 5" Dunny and the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Anatomical Wabbit. No items currently forsale in this collection.

Artist JasonFreeny has given Barbie a unique makeover - and it's sure to make you think again about the doll's unrealistic vital statistics. It's what's inside that counts: Barbie's unrealistic vital statistics are

Jason’s early success as an artist came with his creations of a series fictional anatomical character schematics and illustrations in 2007 but was most noted when he began creating anatomical toy sculptures shortly after. His sculptural and illustration work has been the basis for several mass...

New York-based artist JasonFreeny is best known for his whimsically macabre sculptures that blend science with pop culture. Opened through precise vivisection, his re-adaptations of cartoon characters reveal their meticulously detailed and anatomically correct internal parts. In these sculptures, the...

JasonFreeny is a personal friend of ours. We love to hang out with him and his GF in NYC, and we welcome him to our NYCC booth each year for a signing. Jason is hilarious, detail-oriented, loves a good pun, and truly appreciates killer Chinese food. He's an all-around good guy and we are proud to...

JasonFreeny x Mighty Jaxx - XXRay DC Comics Golden Age Edition, Part 1 (of 2).

JASONFREENY AISA official pre-sale starts today! The world's first XXRAY One Piece Luffy will be landing in Taipei! Quick, grab yourself a ticket

Among the best and most creative ideas is the anatomy cut, which happens to be JasonFreeny's speciality.

When artist JasonFreeny lost his job as an industrial designer, he began carving the inner anatomies of famous toys.

JasonFreeny. Mon 9 Mar 201510:04 PM. These are two of artist JasonFreeny’s recent works: Anatomical He-Man and Anatomical Strawberry Blonde Barbie. They’re sculpted in the tradition of mass-produced plastic children’s toys, excepting of course the cut-away reveal of each figurine’s...

Artist JasonFreeny has modified his designer toys to show that it's what's on the inside that counts. These creepy sculptures are made by literally carving out the insides of these toys and then

Artist JasonFreeny exposes a secret side of toys you probably never knew existed. Buy Now. Stash For Later REMOVE.

JasonFreeny of Moist Production hand sculpted this... ...ughing Squid has the pics: Link | More at Jason 's Facebook gallery.

Artist Jason Frenny creates amazing art using the three things he loves sculpting, art and anatomy. Using these three different forms of art and science Jason creates lifelike anatomy