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JasonFreeny Dunny 5" Half Ray (Black) Opened to display in a smoke free household. No damage or scratches. Comes with original packaging.

His sculptural and illustration work has been the basis for several mass produced toys. Armed with a youthful, overactive imagination, Jason creates smart, intricate works that tickle

JasonFreeny is a personal friend of ours. We love to hang out with him and his GF in NYC, and we welcome him to our NYCC booth each year for a signing. Jason is hilarious, detail-oriented, loves a good pun, and truly appreciates killer Chinese food. He's an all-around good guy and we are proud to...

JasonFreeny has been labeled the toy surgeon because of his beautifully detailed acrylic sculptures. Check out his MoistProduction blog for anatomical renderings of popular characters like My Little Pony, Super Mario and Nemo.

Although his father was a sculptor, Freeny worked as an industrial designer until he lost his job in the financial crisis.

This is the question JasonFreeny decided to answer with his incredible imagination. Since the late 80's, Jason has been creating illustrations and sculptures of various subject matters. He went full time as a working artist in 2010 and can now be found hunched over his work table developing works of...

Working in collaboration with sculptor and toy customizer JasonFreeny we have created a brand new anatomy dissection figure: The Construction Worker. There are a few more designs left to release so check back in over the next week to see what else is in store for the Freeny lineup!

Artist Jason Frenny creates amazing art using the three things he loves sculpting, art and anatomy. Using these three different forms of art and science Jason creates lifelike anatomy

JasonFreeny is famous for his reproduction of famous pop culture toys into sculptures with one side being half dissected. He collaborated with MightyJaxx, a Singapore Toy Company, and produced a limited edition of toys inspired from his handmade sculpture. JasonFreeny often uses very popular...

JasonFreeny is a New York based sculptor and toy designer. Known for his iconic anatomical character dissections , Jason utilizes his industrial design prototyping techniques to create hyper-polished, hand made sculptures that are often confused as actual mass produced toys .

SculpturesForSale Oil Pastels ForSale Past Works.

Artist JasonFreeny has created wonderful anatomical sculptures of a classic Balloon Dog and a Bathing Ducky. The balloon dog and duck models

JasonFreeny is an American artist specializing in sculpture, designer toys and computer-generated imagery. Kidrobot has worked with JasonFreeny on the sold out Half Ray 5" Dunny and the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny Anatomical Wabbit.

Artist JasonFreeny exposes a secret side of toys you probably never knew existed....

Original Design by JasonFreeny. Funny Anatomy Model with 16 Parts. Easy to assemble. Stands 5" tall. For Ages 8 and Up.

When artist JasonFreeny lost his job as an industrial designer, he began carving the inner anatomies of famous toys.

Balloon Dog anatomical model, designed by JasonFreeny, produced by Famemaster Toys.

Fitch Estate Sales – World Artist & Sculptor Estate Sale PREVIEW. 20th April 2019.

Epic Sculptures by Scibor Teleszynski. When it comes to sculpting, I find really amazing how crazy talented some artists are, coming up with fantastic

JasonFreeny imagines what the anatomies of our favorite toys look like with a series of dissected statues. It's creepy but cool.

JasonFreeny’s Anatomical Sculptures. Disturbing but brilliant dissections of childhood icons...

JasonFreeny. Medical Fields Anatomy, Surgery. Creative Forms Comics Sculpture.

While in New York, Tested visited the home and workshop of JasonFreeny, an artist well-known in the custom toy community for his anatomical sculptures. Jason transforms inanimate characters, such as designer vinyl figures, into anatomical cutaways, revealing the imagined body parts under their plastic...

JasonFreeny Returns With Splat! 1xRun: Tell us a little bit about this original piece, is it still forsale? What materials did you use to create this image? JasonFreeny: This digital version was created in 2008 using Maya and Photoshop. It took approximately 3 weeks from start to...

THE SCULPTOR. JasonFreeny in Singapore. Photo courtesy of APCC. Rappler: Hey, Jason. We’re wondering what made you drawn to, well

JasonFreeny. Mon 9 Mar 201510:04 PM. These are two of artist JasonFreeny’s recent works: Anatomical He-Man and Anatomical Strawberry Blonde Barbie.

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While in New York, we visited the home and workshop of JasonFreeny, an artist well-known in the custom toy community for his anatomical sculptures. Jason transforms inanimate characters, such as designer vinyl figures, into anatomical cutaways, revealing the imagined body parts under their plastic...

“Choice Cuts” featuring JasonFreeny’s Pop inspired sculptures and limited edition poster opens to the public Saturday, March 16 from 7—10 pm.

Artist JasonFreeny's hand painted NSFW illustrations have been featured in Heavy Metal, Juxtapoz Erotica, Penthouse and more.

Most knows for his dissected lego men. He aso has a range of other creations like My Little Pony, Smurfs, mickey mouse..the list goes on.

Character Designer JasonFreeny had created some stunning “skeleton” character sculptures that are totally unique. Jason was born 1970 in Maryland, USA, and studied industrial design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn NY. Images above: Nemo Fish Character Design / Ducky Skeleton Sculpture.

The JasonFreeny Stewie sculpture is the newest addition to the morbid artist's collection of anatomical pop culture sculptures. The infamous evil baby is the perfect subject for Freeny's work, joining the likes of Hello Kitty and Mickey Mouse. If you didn't know, JasonFreeny is a celebrated...

American artist JasonFreeny creates quirky 3D posters and sculptures depicting the insides of well known cartoon characters such as Mario, Lego man, Nemo the fish and others. His prints are available forsale at his company Moist Productions.