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Car dealers are looking for the work they have to do in buying the vehicle and then making it look good enough to sell it quickly.

A novated lease is a salarypackaging arrangement whereby you pay for acar and all of the associated running costs like petrol and services out

Salarypackaging is a great way of restructuring your salary by using pre-tax income to buy a range of everyday items. This is an Australian Tax Office approved way to save on tax, lowering your taxable income and increasing your take-home pay.

Carsalarypackaging is where you direct your employer to pay vehicle expenses on your behalf, instead of paying wages into your bank account after deducting tax. It usually operates where your employer makes payments on a novated lease. A novated lease will usually involve both the car...

Salarypackaging is an exciting story, but it can also appear to be quite complicated at first. In a normal situation, you go to work and get paid but before you get paid, your employer takes out income tax and deposits what is left over into your account. You then pay for all your living expenses using...

Carsalarypackaging is where a novated lease is used to package all the costs of an employee’s car, into their salary.

What areSalary Negotiations? Why It's Important to Negotiate your Salary. How to Find Out What You're Worth. Salary Negotiation Tips.

Salary sacrificing is basically a way to minimise your tax bill. It involves using your pre-tax salary to

A novated lease is acar financing method that involves three parties: the employee, the employer, and the car finance company. Instead of you (the employee) going into an

Suppose they are leasing the car for you, at $350 per month, and covering all expenses, including gas. Let's also assume you use the car 60% business

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I think they are worth $7500/year or more. The company pays for the car, you get a new one regularly, they pay insurance

SalaryPackaging was created to save you money on daily items such as vehicles, portable devices and general day

Salary sacrificing, or salarypackaging, is where you pay for items and services or contribute to your retirement savings using your pre-tax income. Salary sacrificing is done through an arrangement between you and your employer – meaning the items and services you can receive will depend on...

Company Car. The comments below are of a general nature. Your employer's policy may differ.

What issalarypackaging, and how can it benefit me? Salarypackaging is one of the smartest ways to finance and purchase your new car.

SalaryPackaging Cards for ‘in-house’ use and provided by Westpac. Welcome to the website of the Community SalaryPackaging Card Program for non profit organisations in Australia.

I currently have acarthat I am repaying at a rate of around $600 a month. I would like to investigate the pro's and con's of getting this car put into a salarypackaging setup so that I pay for the car, it's running costs and other car related items from pre-tax dollars. Looking for peoples experiences, what...

Salarypackaging or salary sacrificing reduces your taxable income and the amount of tax you pay. Find out how it works and what can be packaged.

It should be noted by all concerned that the proposed FBT changes do not detract from the

Acar can be packaged via a novated or an associate lease. TFM SalaryPackaging arranges novated lease finance at competitive interest rates.

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