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Crude andnaturalgas come from thesame place, oil wells. Naturalgas is a combination of several gaseous molecules, Methane being the

Methane is a natural substance that can be produced over time through biological routes — that's what creates naturalgas, of which methane is the primary component — as well as technological processes or other synthetic means. If produced underground, it can last for millennia.

Naturalgas will be 'dirty' in the sense thatit will contain a mixture of elements possibly including Methane, Ethane, Butane, Propane & other

When we say that naturalgas is combustible, we are really just saying thatit can be oxidized in a way that releases energy. The simplest form of combustion is for methane, which reacts with oxygen to form carbon dioxide, water, and energy by this reaction: This is what happens when methane “burns”.

Methane is also a primary component of naturalgas and an important energy source. As a result, efforts to prevent or utilize methane emissions can provide

Methane, in the form of naturalgas, is important for a variety of industries. It is a common fabric, plastic, anti-freeze and fertilizer ingredient. Industrial naturalgas consumers include companies that make pulp and paper. Food processors, petroleum refineries and companies that work with stone...

Naturalgas distribution systems were only a small fraction of total naturalgas emissions. The team also estimated methane emissions from biogenic sources, such as agriculture and

Methane is a naturalgas coming from both fossil fuels and biological activity. It is accumulating in the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

Shale gas is “naturalgas produced from shale.” Wikipedia notes “Methane is the major component of naturalgas, about 87% by volume” though other

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas that damages our climate when it's released during naturalgas production and distribution.

But the leak is a disaster for the climate all thesame; naturalgas is mostly made up of methane, a greenhouse gas that has 25 times the warming power of carbon dioxide. Engineers working for Total estimate thatit may take half a year to shut the leak, and if all of the methane released in that time...

"The attribution to thermogenic methane from the oil andnaturalgas industry is based on our vertical measurements of ethane and methane concentrations between the ground and the

Can we say thesame about hydrogen gas, H_2? At a certain location, wind is blowing steadily at 10 m/s. Determine the mechanical energy of air per unit mass and the power generation potential of a wind turbine with 60-m-diameter blades at that location. Take the air density to be 1.25 kg/m^3...

Critics warned thatmethane is more potent than carbon dioxide at trapping the Earth’s heat, but

That is absolutely correct. Yet recently, twice in thesame week, two papers warned us thatmethane will cause global warming regardless of CO2.

Coalbed methane is naturalgas or. methane (CH4) that occurs in coal beds and has been generated during the conversion of plant material to coal (the process known as coalification).

Methaneand carbon dioxide emissions from naturalgas are on the rise, making the need for the government to change course and ban fracking all the more urgent. The path we are on presently is absolutely unsustainable and one the entire environmental community should oppose in unison.

Methane leaks occur throughout the naturalgas supply chain, from drilling wells to production and processing to the way gas is transported and used by

Naturalgas transmission losses are the difference between gas purchased for delivery and gas sold, differences which may be due to theft and metering errors as well as to actual leaks. The geographically- and sectorially-dispersed nature of the sources of methane emission from natural...