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GirlOnATrain is a story that ticked every box and did not disappoint. With some shocking revelations, it is sure to mess

The novel “GirlonaTrain” is getting a boost in sales. That’s because some readers think they’re actually buying a different book, the best seller titled

But nothing is as it seems and Anna opens a can of worms that throws into question even her own husband’s suicide - before the threads of the mystery converge in an

Author Paula Hawkins’ debut novel “The Girlon the Train” was practically engineered for bestselling success, a twisted tale that drew early

"The GirlonaTrain" is the film adaptation of the best-seller by Paula Hawkins, transported from the London suburbs to New York's Hastings-on

I felt that there was a better understanding of her Rachel’s personality than Anna’s or Megan. This is a good thriller with a plot that keeps you on your toes.

Not as much as Gone Girl (I promise I won’t bring up this name again because that’s unfair.) but quite effective. As you progress into the story of The Girlon

From its very first trailer, it was clear that The Girlon the Train movie would be doing something slightly different from Paula Hawkins’s best-selling

What really makes The Girlon the Train such a gripping novel is Hawkins' remarkable understanding of the limits of human knowledge, and

Family uses Plugged In asa ‘significant compass’. "I am at a loss for words to adequately express how

Featuring a mysterious story with thrilling events and a combination of romance makes it an all-time bestbook. It will not only take you deep down in the story but will also change your perspective on how you look at the lives of other

It’s been a long time since abook has managed to twist and turn, its possible ending out of my grasp, but The Girlon The Train definitely succeeded in doing that.

While on the train, Rachel engages in hardcore people-watching and conjures up a perfect fantasy life for

What are some books like gone girl, dark places, the girlon the train, and the confessions series by james patterson?

But that’s also a good 50 minutes of reading time – let’s be optimistic. So when The Girlon the Train was published this January, I knew I had to get my

Rachel is again drinking on the train, which she notes is less acceptable ona Monday evening than ona Friday, alerting the reader to her problem with drinking.

Her train happens to stop across from one particular house almost every day, and Rachel has created imaginary identities, Jason and Jess, for the man

As with any twisted book, the ending is a fraught topic: Some love it, some hate it. For better or worse, “The Girlon the Train” film keeps the ending mostly the same as in the book, save for a couple scenes. And there’s one new, key character who helps reveal why the questions are connected.

One day, she discovers that Jess is having an affair, and this enrages her. Rachel has no idea how someone could cheat on someone as seemingly perfect

Asa reader, I found it really difficult to like Rachel. There’s no reason one must like her, but she’s the narrator, after all.