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The GuardiansoftheGalaxy is a group of heroes who opposed the Phalanx conquest ofthe Kree system (and many who had opposed Annihilus' incursion into their universe), and banded together in an attempt to prevent any further catastrophes from ever occurring.

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On the run and hiding in the deep forests ofthe then German-occupied Poland and Belorussia (World War II), the four Bielski brothers find the ...

GuardiansoftheGalaxy is an upcoming American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team ofthe same name, produced by Marvel.

Thegalaxy's evil forces are being even less cool than usual. But five scrappy heroes are ready to throw down. Watch trailers & learn more.

The first GuardiansoftheGalaxy were a team of freedom fighters in the 31st century. The name was later used for the team Star-Lord formed to deal with galactic-level threats.

During the course of GuardiansoftheGalaxy Vol. 2, the audience learns that Yondu Udonta, everyone’s favorite blue space-whistler, was once a member of a superteam of ...

The GuardiansoftheGalaxy director looks like a perfect hire to pep up the franchise. But he wouldn’t be the first to fail in switching extended universes.

From Marvel, the studio that brought you Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers, comes a new team—the GuardiansoftheGalaxy—in an action-packed, epic space adventure that expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the cosmos.

GuardiansOfTheGalaxy Vol.2 Offers so much thrills and an awesome cinematic experience, The action starts right from the opening scene and it doesn't end until the last 2 seconds ofthe film. The people behind the movie just knew how to not make the audience bored, and they succeeded at that.

Though the central cast of GuardiansoftheGalaxy is particularly engaging, there are a few background players who might entail your attention as well. The sci-fi film boasts a handful of noteworthy cameos, by Marvel regulars and Gunn pals as well as particularly surprising individuals.

Out of all ofthe original GuardiansoftheGalaxy characters, Starhawk is the one most deserving of a shot at the big screen. Aside from having a really great visual design, Starhawk seemingly has knowledge about future events, because he’s re-lived his life over and over again.

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