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A Battlefield: Vietnam (BF:V) Map in the Other/Misc category, by Amen.

Day 2 - Tuesday, 6 August 2019 | GuadalcanalBattlefields. Today we will explore the key battlefields from the campaign in and around Honiara.

Guadalcanal - New Britain - Peleliu. Died 20 May 2008. Wilbur was the sentry at Ilu River who

Download the best free Guadalcanal maps for Battlefield 2. You can download these Battlefield 2 maps and Battlefield 2 levels for free from the biggest Battlefield 2 library on the internet.

Aerial footage of the Guadalcanalbattlefields (Solomon Islands). Bloody Ridge, Alligator Creek

The Chines advance across the pacific has finally been stopped at Guadalcanal. The US must quickly take back the parts of the island that th...

The FAQ's you might have about the GuadalcanalBattlefield Tour - Frequently Asked Questions

On Guadalcanal the US Marines were still dug in fending off Japanese attacks on their positions around

Honiara, Guadalcanal Solomon Islands. 75th Anniversary Commemorations. Guad75 is a non-profit informational site devoted to sharing information about the commemoration.

46 minutes that show you the GuadalcanalBattlefield tour experience including the 71st anniversary commemoration at the US Memorial Honiara Solomon ...

Battlefield (1995– ). Guadalcanal. Documentary, History, War | TV Episode.

Battlefield Vietnam - Guadalcanal. THIS IS A BFV MAP which needs installed the WW2 mod by Dice Team. WW2 mod Map inspired to some real photos of Guadalcanal Island!!

ww2dbaseBefore the Japanese began constructing an airfield on Guadalcanal, the island was mostly ignored even by the Japanese occupiers. At the evidence of such an airfield being constructed...

Guadalcanal was the first major land battle of the Southern Pacific campaign.