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In "GrandTheftAuto: SanAndreas" for the PC, Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox 360, you play as CJ as he tries to become the crime kingpin of the state of SanAndreas.

To activate cheat codes for GTASanAndreas it must be typed directly during the game. Also, the game can be paused by pressing the ESCAPE key on the keyboard that will allow quietly enter the

IGN's GrandTheftAuto: SanAndreasCheats and Secrets page details nearly 100 GTAcheats that can be used on PC, PS2, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. There are all sorts of cheats in GTASanAndreas, including cheats for infinite ammo, disabling your wanted level, nearly infinite health...

GTA: SanAndreas Guide. Packed with strategies for each and every mission in the game... This guide contains a complete game walkthrough and tons of

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One of the many major new features in GTA:SanAndreas is the ability to change clothes. Unlike in Vice City where you can only wear a specific set of clothes, you can now actually mix and match shoes, shirts, hats and pants, allowing you to change outfits and roam around the city of San...

Cheat codes for GTASanAndreas are entered during gameplay by typing in the cheat you want to activate. Codes are not case-sensitive. When you enter a code correctly you will see the "Cheat Activated" message. Try these codes out – we've got everything from Elvis to ninjas, plus tons of...

GrandTheftAuto 3 reference. Pay close attention to the shows that are heard on WFTC while cruising around SanAndreas. Notice that one of the shows is called "Gardening With Maurice".

Its the one of the Rare Car in GTASanAndreas. If you cannot find the Medical Centre, type Suicide

SanAndreasCheats. Type the cheats during the gameplay. ↓ Effect.

GTA: SanAndreas is centered around the main character, Carl Johnson, a gang member who returns to his hometown to attend his mother's funeral. To regain control of the streets and protect his family, he will have to go through a series of situations that include gang wars, dealing with deadly weapons...

GTASANANDREAS PC - Cheat Codes. While playing the game or at the pause menu, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

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This page contains GTA : SanAndreascheats, hints, walkthroughs and more for PC.

GTASanAndreascheats can be activated by entering one of these codes during regular game play. Enter the same code again to turn it off.