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The female trainerfromPokemonSunandMoon with Litten c: These games are looking amazing and I'm super excited for them ^w^.

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The upcoming game PokemonSunandMoon's female trainers' images have been leaked! We can spot more characters from different ethnic backgrounds, and the usual twins, and interestingly

PokemonSunandMoon in a nutshell. o3o [mememememmeme]. ___ I honestly had no idea where I was going with this as I animated it xD; I just knew I wanted to

PokemonSunandMoon has come to turn for the better with various new features added to the all-too-familiar Pokemon gameplay that we all learned to love over the course of the franchise’s life. Following the welcome addition of cute Pokemon trainer outfits in 2013’s Pokemon X and Y,PokemonSun...

I've completed Pokemon Moon three days ago. When I became the champion, I got 6/15 stamps total.

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For more help on Pokemon Ultra Sunand Ultra Moon, you can check out our Heart Scales Farming Guide, PokeRides Unlocks Guide, and

PokemonSunandMoon players will be able to customize their character, according to a commercial released in Japan.

Man, that Totem Wishiwashi she trained up gave me a lot of trouble... Not only was it a very defensive tank, but the SOS mechanic that it uses to have Alomomola heal it with Heal Pulse and

PokemonSunandMoon, for some reason, wants you to buy the haircuts and hairstyles blindly. It doesn’t show you what each one looks like, so we have