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HOW TO AUDITION AND GET HIRED asaYogaTeacher - Duration: 6:54.

Expert voice coaches and successful yogateachers say optimizing yourvoice is as simple as

Finding yourvoiceasayogateacher takes some time and patience.

Many yogateachers, both new to teaching as well as more experienced teachers, struggle with owning their authentic, genuine voice.

YogaTeacher Talk is a new series I’m excited to share for current or prospective yogateachers.

Finding yourvoice is a crucial step in becoming the best yogateacher you can be. Learn some tips to help you find your unique voiceasaYogaTeacher.

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Asa teacher, you will always be walking that fine line between staying true to yourself while still being open to other ideas and ways of doing something.

Explore yogateaching methods, strategies, and cues, from finding yourvoiceasayogateacher to helping your students get the most out of each asana. Improve your instruction and class planning by learning how to tailor classes to different age and fitness levels.

Finding your teaching voice is about drawing on your experiences and expertise to teach yoga.

Finding yourvoiceasayogateacher starts with finding confidence in what you teach. Start your free trial today for more.

The “yogateacher” character emerges. Their previous natural tones have been replaced with an almost pre-recorded “persona”

One of the most difficult aspects of teachingyoga is finding your authentic voiceasateacher. This is something I have struggled with tremendously over

Your business is about you, but does your branding and website copy reflect who you are asayogateacher, and showcase your unique personality and voice? Eman helps business owners “put the personality back in your business” and she has some tips for you to get started doing the same.

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This is aYoga Alliance accredited month of inner alchemy weaving the potent practices of the ancient Yogic traditions with modern psychology and embodiment practices to facilitate

Interested in becoming ayogateacher or simply looking to deepen your practice?

Finding yourVoice - Understanding your own practice is not enough to safely guide others through

In the following exercises inhale as deeply as you can. Let the belly open, the ribs expand and the

YogaTeacherVoice is a terrifying phenomenon which transforms otherwise intelligent people into breathy space cadets who sound nothing like their street

As yogateachers we all know the importance of maintaining our personal yoga practice.

Understand how to succeed asa certified yogateacher in the digital age, whether you plan to teach online or in the studio. I am committed to YOUR success.

Want to become ayogateacher? Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself BEFORE you sign up for

She has also worked asayoga consultant for HBO designing on camera classes and teaching the actors how to play yogateachers and/or students in numerous television series. She brings with her a unique understanding and insight into the most innovative, transformative, fun and exciting ways to...

All yogateachers should be willing to learn and pick up tips so they can keep improving their ability to lead an amazing

If joining ayogateacher training is part of your bigger vision of how you want to live your life, you are just

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If you feel yourvoicegetting hoarse, get a humidifier for your room. Or before school in the morning, put a towel over your head and

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As yogateachers, it is our duty to teach practices and techniques that we personally know from our own experience. This allows for more meaningful ways to convey instruction and

Asa teacher of teachers, I’ve found that many experienced yogateachers disconnect from their students in the following seven ways—and guess what?

Hone your teaching skills: Learn to develop yourvoiceasayogateacher.

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So you finally gotyour qualification asayogateacher. What do you do now? go it alone? Work for a studio?

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