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Finding yourvoiceasayogateacher takes some time and patience. Finding out who you are asa teacher after studying with many beloved teachers takes some experimentation and fine tuning.

Many yogateachers, both new to teaching as well as more experienced teachers, struggle with owning their authentic, genuine voice.

We believe that everybody has a unique expression asayogateacher. When you teach from who you really are, you are naturally more compelling. So, in addition to learning the nuts and bolts of safely teaching yoga, the Awakened Heart, Embodied Mind YogaTeacher Training invites you to...

YogaTeacher Talk is a new series I’m excited to share for current or prospective yogateachers.

Finding yourvoiceasayogateacher starts with finding confidence in what you teach. Start your free trial today for more.

“One thing that really drew me to Find YourVoice is the fact that it doesn’t focus on one certain form of yoga. For me, when I was evaluating training programs, this was a big factor. I wanted to be able to get a strong foundation to understand all the key elements to help me asayogateacher, but I wanted to...

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Explore yogateaching methods, strategies, and cues, from finding yourvoiceasayogateacher to helping your students get the most out of each asana. Improve your instruction and class planning by learning how to tailor classes to different age and fitness levels.

So you did your yogateacher training, now what? Here are few things you can do to cultivate and nurture your own personal brand of self-expression.

Voice Coach and YogaTeacher Miriam Bauer gives some great advice for teachers wanting to protect and project their voices and how to make yourvoice your

As teachers we all know that our voice is the teacher’s most valuable asset. We rely on our voices

Once again, notice where yourvoice is free and what posture it feels trapped in. Bring that information to a Vocal Yoga class and the teacher can ascertain

The Himalayan Yoga Institute offers yogateacher training courses in two enchanting locations, providing you with powerfully sequenced, pre-designed class

At first, asa super green and nervous yogateacher all I thought about were class plans, how can I rock the class?! I was so keen for the sequences to be remarkable, that shouted out ‘vinyasa teacher here’ , it’s amazing people came back. There were complicated sequences...

As teachers we all know that our voice is a teacher’s most valuable asset.

The Connected YogaTeacher Podcast is hosted by Shannon Crow, ayogateacher and consultant for yogateachers and studios.

Get certified to teach yoga worldwide With our Melbourne-based yogateacher course.

Seek masterful teachers who practice and teachyoga not just asa vocation, but asa lifelong discipline and soul calling. Sacred Sounds Yoga’s 300-Hour training team is a panel of accomplished Yogis and seasoned teachers who will welcome you, encourage your advancement...

This is aYoga Alliance accredited month of inner alchemy weaving the potent practices of the ancient Yogic traditions with modern psychology and embodiment practices to facilitate

You view yoga as your way of giving back. The practice of yoga has provided you with so much enrichment, you feel that becoming ayogateacher will give you the opportunity to share the love. Your students will be taken care of when they show up for class. They'll flock to class to bask in your...

Asa result of my consistency and commitment, I am rewarded generously with love, but also with that green stuff that pays my bills. 4. You're Not Just a Teacher.