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Framingyourownmarket is an effective way to punt like the pros. It allows you to analyse a race and put an actual odds figure on any horse to find runners representing true value. Once your market is framed, you simply back any horse that is over its rated odds.

Framingyourownmarket and setting yourown 100% betting odds can be a difficult thing for punters starting off but this will run through a fairly simple example for how you can go about it. Start off by giving all of the runners in a race an individual rating. It doesn’t matter what they are and the numbers...

HorseRacing Trading Strategies: 1. SCALPING Successfully Pre-Race. If you aren’t familiar

We implore punters to frame their ownmarket before the odds come out to see if you’re getting good value. You might frameyour desired runner at $4, but the bookmakers

Horseracingmarkets are, at least when compared to stock markets, volatile to say the least. Things happen very quickly, sometimes for reasons we

The horseracingmarkets move quick and you can get flustered, pissed off or bewildered. Its important to clear your head from time to time.

Realistic horseracing game where you train and race horses against others online. Game includes breeding, auctions, claiming races, bloodlines, and

HorseRacing Prediction Markets. Access all the latest racing odds at the click of a mouse. Besides horseracing betting previews, tips and results, you can also access live streaming. Bet on any racing action! Place your bets on all horseracing events, covering the USA, UK, AUS, and RSA.

Betting on horseracing can sometimes feel like a fool’s errand. The high number of variables and unpredictability is what makes it such a thrilling and exciting sport to

All of the very best horseracing betting websites will offer every major method of betting on the sport, with some even keeping regular pages active

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“The horseracingmarkets can be extremely volatile at times, but with the right trading strategies

Prior to HorseRacing Nation, Mike owned and managed a successful direct marketing agency for 17 years that he subsequently sold in 2007. In 2007, Mike co-founded, a new source for predicting shifts in the economy and markets, and serves as Managing Partner.

HorseRacing Systems Don't Have To Be Complicated. You've already seen that with the one I...

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Its worthwile setting up yourownhorseracing course guide, it can be a basic description as the Flat race course guide set out below or as detailed as you like. As set out on other pages on this site, a profile of where a horse has run well in the past will provide valuable clues.

Horseracing games are popular online, why don't we see as many on the Console and PC circuit?

Pre-Race Track Bias analysis for all Saturday Metropolitan meetings.

Horseracing 24 service provides live horseracing results from around the world including European, American and Asian races.