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A 1993 Janus Report estimatedthat nine percentof men and five percentof women had more than "occasional" homosexual relationships.

Researchers estimatedthat state’s population of transgender people to be 44,750. “Even if it’s 40,000 or 30,000, that’s a lot more than they thought,” Ms

What percentageof the population considers themselves gay? This number has always been hard to pin down: sexuality is fluid, and plenty of people still feel

This illustrates something that makes gay statisticians like myself weep: how fervently people will argue even in the absence of real data that there are more people of their demographic. The actual number is really meaningless because...

You argued thatthatpercentage was adopted for political reasons, that Kinsey never claimed to have the means to make this scientific estimate.

Interestingly, "Members of groups that would be most likely to perceive gays as threatening, such as Republicans and the religious, were no more likely to provide higher estimates of the gaypopulation than were members of other groups," the researchers report.

Of course, these percentages cannot be considered fully representative of the entire population.

The results are generally in the same ballpark as past estimates — and far below the long-debunked 10 percentestimate. But past data that I’ve seen had suggested that there were about twice as many gay or bisexual men as lesbian or bisexual women; this data suggests that there is no such gender...

More specifically, over half of Americans (52 percent) estimatethat at least one in five Americans aregay or lesbian, including 35 percent who

One way we can estimatethatis to look at the standard deviation in population growth rates for each year shown in each vintage, and

"I would also observe that the numbers of gay men and women in the church ministry is probably larger than the general population, precisely because they are not

According to that data, Seattle has the fifth-highest percentageof LGBT people in the U.S. San Francisco is No. 1 with 6.2 percent, followed by Portland, Ore

The slowing of Hispanic population growth is occurring as immigration to the U.S. from Mexico levels off and

All of the estimates are just that. Wild fabrications of facts. Some CD'ers won't admit it on a confidential survey for fear of being outed. So you can never count or scientifically estimate the # of cd'ers in society.

In 2017, about 15.6 percentof the American population was 65 years old or over; a figure which is expected to reach 22.1 percent by 2050.

National estimates are based on population-weighted subgroup estimates from household surveys. Definitions of the poverty line vary considerably

It is now estimatedthatit will take another nearly 40 years to increase by another 50% to become 9 billion by 2037.

For example, consider the percentageof people in favor of a four-day work week, the percentageof Republicans who voted in the last election, or the proportion of drivers who don’t wear seat belts. In each of these cases, the object is to estimate a population proportion, p, using a sample proportion

But that doesn't mean we aregay, or does it? Well, not really, because if we would go with men, and if we plan to marry a man sometime in the future, then would that count as being out-and-out gay? If we count girls who have had any form of bisexual experience as gay, then it's got to be higher than 50...

One can find estimatesthat place of the percentageof the population considered to be homosexual anywhere between 1-2% and 25%-35%, but a reasonable survey of the more controlled studies would put the figure in about the 2-3% range (for males, at least).

The 2019 Revision of World Population Prospects is the twenty-sixth round of official United Nations populationestimates and projections that have been prepared by the Population Division of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations Secretariat.