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Thyme grows as a low bush and may be found in an outdoor garden setting or indoors as a container plant. Each stem contains a large number of small, dark green, fragrant leaves than may be picked individually from

Garden thyme (Thymus spp.) provides an evergreen groundcover in the garden and flavorful leaves for culinary use. This perennial herb grows in U.S

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Thyme is such a big part of what summer smells like for me. Ornamental versions thrive and spread among the paving stones on my garden path, and the fragrant aroma is present with every step. Culinary versions, like French and lemon thyme, also dot my herb garden and grace my annual dried...

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How to prune a smoke tree intoabush by cutting it almost all the way to the ground in late winter and encouraging a tidier plant with more compact growth.

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Thyme--or herbs and sprices in general--usually does not contribute to the chemistry of a recipe, just to its flavor profile, so you can adjust the

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Thyme is a popular and very aromatic herb grown in Europe and is related to mint. There are numerous different varieties of thyme. It provides a sweet and earthy flavor to many dishes, and is commonly used in Mediterranean cuisine.

Fresh thyme, one of the Scarborough herbs (remember the folk song?), adds a wonderful flavor to your recipes and also makes a great companion plant.

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