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An input device that reads printed text and graphics and transfers them to a computer in digital form.

Choose a familiar network system, such asa transport system, asa way of comparing and contrasting another system with the computer networking system. Computer networks require security measures to protect against threats. Use a practical activity to simulate a basic network.

In my work asa teacher and researcher during the last few years, I have seen similar scenarios. Recent studies indicate clear differences in the quality of

As the leader in internet search, Google’s goals should include the ability to parse what’s hidden in the text of images. Indeed, they have already begun efforts to interpret the content of images with or without text. For example, Google Translate technologyreads real-world text and instantly produces...

The scope and context of a digitaltechnology competency within an adult literacy and basic education framework such as the OALCF works hand-in-hand with the principles of a definition of digital literacy. Given that much of the skill competency development is based on the essential skills3...

Digitaltexts require an additional set of reading skills, both for making meaning of the texts and engaging with them.

Digital Pictures are stored asaseriesof small dots called pixels. If you hold a magnifying glass up to your display and adjust its distance from the display

What happens however when your early years include digitaltextas much as, if not more than, print text? What happens when you can look not too far into the future and take a pretty educated guess that the majority of your reading life will be done digitally. I’m not saying it’s right…I’m not saying it’s wrong.

Each of these images was placed onto a different negative and had to overlap each other when printing in order to make the color register and look correct.

As organizations implement ‘digitaltechnologies’ – which in this context really means computers and other information technology – people’s jobs change.

Asan assistive technology advocate for an Independent Living Center for Riverside County California, I think Nature Reader is a wonderful

It is distinct from digitaltechnology, which provides for greater quality and speed of data

The technical aspects cover the digital representation of multimedia andtextas forms of structured data and the digital systems/machinery required to capture and display those data. In Media Arts there is a focus on using standard software to produce images, animations, videos and audios.

Digitaltechnology includes all types of electronic equipment and applications that use information in the form of numeric code. This information is usually in binary code—that is, code that can be represented by strings of only two numeric characters.

Digital Information Technology will be releasing very soon and provides students with hundreds of fundamental skills in technology, ranging from web

Digital Trends is your home for technology news, CE product reviews, mobile app reviews and daily videos.

Neatline is built asa suite of plugins for the Omeka, a digital archive-building framework that supplies a powerful platform for content management and web

As we progress into the digital age, text is experiencing a resurgence and reshaping as blogging, tweeting and

Digitaltechnology is a big part of the video and motion picture industries with the capability for high definition images, better editing

One, known as the generator, is tasked with creating variations on images it’s already seen—perhaps a picture of a pedestrian with an extra arm.

Asa result of the countless methods we can now use communicate, our language has also diversified in ways we would likely have never predicted.