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The only seats with 3pointharnesses are some infant seats and the overhead shield seats (which aren't as safe anyway). We have 2 Britax Marathons and LOVE them! They are initially pricy, but will fit most children until they are truly ready for a booster with seatbelt (over 40lbs and 4 years old).

One of the main differentiators between carseats is the Harness, so let us have a look at the differencesbetween a 5-pointand a 3-pointharness for

The major differencebetween these types of carseats is that a 5pointharness is a restraint.

Five-pointharnesses are found on nearly all modern carseats. There may be some infant carseats still in distribution that have a 3-pointharness

A three-pointharness is not really all that safe and superior. To put it in terms familiar to most people, a three-point safety device is a typical safety belt.

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Generally, child carseats come equipped with a 3point or a 5pointharness in group 0+ seats, and a 5pointharness in a group 1 carseat.

Myth: 5-pointharnesses are always safer than a 3-pointseat belt for older kids. So right off the bat, I want to make a few points- by “always” in

This carseat comes in LX and DX flavors; there's not much differencebetween them, so grab whichever one you find in stores.

Carseat safety expert on how to use Snugglebundl in a 3pointand5pointcarseatharness.   CarSeat Expert Margaret Bolt from Rear Facing Toddlers advises people how to fit and use their carseats correctly. Today she talks about The Snugglebundl and how to safely use it in a 5pointand 3...

A three-pointharness, like the conventional seatbelts in cars today, can hold someone more-or-less in place in a wreck.

All carseats have different age and/or height and weight limits. The manufacturer of the carseat provides this information in the product’s manual

His baby carrier and convertible carseats were expensive. Then I needed another convertible carseat for the grandparents car, so I bought a convertible Evenflo car

I was looking for a list of carseats that are 5-pointharnesses for the bigger kids - over 40 lbs. I know that Britax makes one, but was wondering what other options there were. Thanks! ~

...restrained in a five-pointharnesscarseat, and that guilt has been almost impossible to live with.

Converts from 5-pointharnessedcarseat to highback belt-positioning booster. Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest, in

Second, the 5-pointharness holds you snug in the seat so you can use your appendages to do more important things like steer, heel-toe downshift

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