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PaulWalker's brothers are helping "fill in small gaps" in "Fast & Furious7" action sequences not finished before the actor's death, producers said Tuesday.

Walker's brothers, Cody and Caleb, were enlisted to help finish his remaining scenes, and CGI was used to bring Walker back for theFurious7

When Furious7 came out earlier this year, director James Wan andthe rest of the creative team were understandably reluctant to go into much detail about how they managed to digitally re-create franchise star Paul

When PaulWalker died in November, one of the lingering questions that emerged involved his continued presence in the "Fastand Furious" franchise. Prior to his death, Walker had finished filming a significant chunk of "FastandFurious7," but the production was far from complete, leaving...

The general process: The live action is shot, andthe team unearths similar unused footage of PaulWalker's face, which is relit and composited into the

With the help of CGI and Paul's brothers Cody and Caleb Walker they were able to finish the movie and fill in the gaps that Paul had not yet finished.Universal Studios has created what could be toted

The cast and crew of Furious7 were thrown a pretty serious curveball when PaulWalker died in a car wreck while the sequel was still in production. Shooting shut down for awhile to allow everyone time to grieve and process this tragedy, but also to allow director James Wan and writer Chris Morgan figure...

The film's official Facebook page unveiled that PaulWalker's brothers Caleb and Cody will help complete his action scenes on Universal's Fast & Furious7.

PaulWalker's lookalike stuntman brother, Cody Walker, could be under consideration to stand in for actor to finish film.

When Fastand Furious star PaulWalker died tragically and suddenly in 2013, he was in the middle of filming the seventh installment of the franchise, Furious7

PaulWalker tragically died half way through filming of FastandFurious7, but a complete movie with Brian O'Conner front and centre was still released.

PaulWalker died when he was only halfway done shooting 'Furious7,’ but the movie was was finished seamlessly without him.

The death of PaulWalker, 40, would have presented substantial challenges for Universal under the best of circumstances. To finishFast & Furious7” in time for a planned July 11 release, the company has been operating under an aggressive, little-room-for-delays production schedule.

Actor PaulWalker's brothers will help finish filming on Fast & Furious7, the film Walker was in the midst of making when he died in a fiery car crash last November.

How do we feel about what happens to PaulWalker at the end of FastandFurious7?

Fans of the FastandtheFurious series are, by and large, very much anticipating next year's installment, Fast & Furious7 - despite the knowledge

After the death of the "Fastand Furious" franchise star, Universal is attempting to finish the latest installment.

Actor PaulWalker, a star of the “Fastand Furious” movie franchise, died Saturday, November 30, 2013, in a car accident. (Credit: CNN). PaulWalker’s brothers are helping “fill in small gaps” in “Fast & Furious7” action sequences not finished before the actor’s death, producers said Tuesday.

Actor PaulWalker shooting a scene for the FastandtheFurious 6 movie. Photo courtesy of the "FastandtheFurious" page on Facebook/Universal

The biggest problem the studio has is deciding what to do about PaulWalker’s character, Brian O’Conner. Before his death, the actor had roughly half of

Furious7's tribute to PaulWalker is completely heartbreaking, due in no small part to Wiz Khalifa's track "See You Again."

“We have resumed shooting and now welcome Paul’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, into our Fast family. Caleb and Cody are helping us complete some remaining

Furious7 was franchise fixture PaulWalker's last movie; he died in a car crash in November 2013 during a break from filming. Once producers, director James Wan andthe cast decided to move forward with the movie, using body doubles and computer-generated magic to finish Walker's...

When PaulWalker tragically passed away midway through the production of Furious7, Universal and director James Wan faced a difficult task. Do they scuttle the film or charge ahead, using rewrites and body doubles to finish Walker’s performance? They ultimately went with the latter option but refused...

PaulWalker's death left a question mark hanging over "Fast & Furious7." That question mark evaporated last month when the filmmakers revealed

An image shows the ghost of PaulWalker on the set of the eighth movie in "The FastandtheFurious" franchise.

There might be no "FastandFurious7" if not for the frantic lobbying efforts of PaulWalker's father, who convinced the dead actor's brothers to finish the film.

Halfway through the filming of ldquo;Furious7,rdquo;nbsp;ndash; currently a box office hit in cinemas world wide ndash;PaulWalker tragically.

Filming for PaulWalker’s last film, “Fast & Furious7,” will start on or near April 1. That gives the management team almost one year before

So that’s what I did.” The “Fast” saga, the studio’s largest franchise to date, boasts a worldwide box office of $2.4 billion, and is known for its escapist explosions.

Tunnel Chase – Fastand Furious 4. Vin Diesel runs into PaulWalker while pursuing drug kingpin Arturo Braga underground, as Braga’s henchmen chase

The news of actor PaulWalker's premature death on Nov. 30 came as a shock to his friends, family, fellow actors, and masses of fans who perhaps best knew

The FastandtheFurious franchise may be to automotive realism what McDonald's french fries are to potatoes, but Walker was a genuine gearhead

The show must go on, and in the case of Fast & Furious7, it will do so with PaulWalker, who was killed in a

PaulWalker’s Brian O’Conner was, for many, the heart and soul of the FastandFurious franchise.