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Toronto Maple Leafs’ DarcyTucker’s hit on Sami Kapanen ofthe Philadelphia Flyers was a memorable NHL body check, and not only because ofthe check itself. hockey player profile of DarcyTucker, 1975-03-15 Castor, AB, CAN Canada. Most recently in the NHL with Colorado Avalanche.

Welcome to DarcyTucker's Official Website. Darcy's extensive hockey career starts in Montreal and has taken him to Tampa Bay, Toronto and Colorado.

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Tucker Zooms around the snowy terrain and clashes blades with Gilbert. Gilbert tries to strike tucker but utterly fails in every way. Tucker strikes Gilbert atleast 50 times with his powerful blade and is too fast for Gilbert to even see him. Tucker does a powerful front flip and strikes him right in the back...

The Leafs paid DarcyTucker $1 million a year for six years not to play for them, but the feisty ex-forward has received the final instalment of his buyout.

One ofthe game's most notorious agitators in his prime, Tucker acknowledged that his game had changed a little in recent years. "I was pretty gentle near the end of my career," said Tucker. "I don't think any of those young guys quite realized what I was like when I was in the heyday. ...

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DARCYTucker grew up a footy fanatic. He loved sorting his player card selection into teams and positions, and he could recite the jumper number of every player in the competition. His bedroom at his family's home in Horsham in Victoria's west was – and still is – dominated by St Kilda paraphernalia...

Brutal BattleBlade. Burning Pointe's Edge. Runed Longsword.

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The Battleof Caen was fought from June 6, to July 20, 1944, during World War II (1939-1945). Situated on the Orne River approximately nine miles from the Normandy coast, the city of Caen was a key road and rail hub in the region. The city was identified by the Allies as an early goal for troops...

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DarcyTucker has got a big leap, genuine speed and terrific agility. Watch highlights from our first pick in the AFL National Draft DarcyTucker.

Knoxville Academy oftheBlade. "A passion for excellence in sport and historic fencing."