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Fenriswolf posted... it's nice to finally see real StarWars fans standing up and defending the franchise from haters. Looks like Plinkett's 15 minutes of fame are up.

ConfusedMatthew. 2,733 likes. A thirty-something with way too much time on his hands. I also have crippling anxiety so please don't read this.

ConfusedMatthew | 2 years ago. StarWars Episode III - Revenge of the Sith Review (Confused Classics).

ConfusedMatthew (Real name: Dan) is a film critic who made his name making reviews consisting of pointing out why he doesn't like the story and/or characters in films that were generally well-received by the public. Many of his earlier reviews were for science fiction films, which led to comparisons (and a...

American actor and producer Matthew David McConaughey was born in Uvalde, Texas. His mother, Mary Kathleen (McCabe), is a substitute school teacher originally from New Jersey. His father, James Donald McConaughey, was a Mississippi-born gas station owner who ran an oil pipe supply business.

Out of all the character’s Matthew McConaughey has played over the years, few are as beloved as David Wooderson, his smooth operator from Richard Linklater’s 1993 stoner classic, Dazed and Confused.

When 2017's StarWars Battlefront II was first previewed at E3 this year, people were cautiously optimistic. Its predecessor was slammed for being thin on content, but initial showings of the game looked promising and it seemed like EA had added the things fans wanted out of the game’s sequel...

Dazed and Confused was McConaughey's first film role, and the 44-year-old weaved the quote into his Academy Awards speech in March when he won Best Actor.

(“Who’s Einstein, mama?” says Matthew. Ah. Dear StarWars, if you will be my bridge to learning, you and I can be fantastic friends.) – – – Okay.

When ConfusedMatthew began reviewing the prequels, many people accused him of “ripping off” Red Letter Media. It seems that some people consider him to be the quintessential critic on the StarWars prequels.

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Like Super Godzilla 12 and ConfusedMatthew, Mike Stoklasa will only contribute negativity plus he is SG12 and CM's KING and their Nit Picker & Chief.

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The audition tape for Matthew McConaughey for Dazed and Confused has arrived! Check out the audition for the role that made McConaughey a...

The Online Mattress War is No Snoring Matter.

StarWars: The Last Jedi was filled with celebrity cameos from Justin Theroux to Carrie Fisher's adorable French Bulldog, Gary, but there's one potential cameo that has the internet totally confused: James Corden. After seeing the film, fans immediately took to Twitter wondering if that screaming...

And the hunky star has made a special return as Dazed and Confused's David Wooderson for a new music video. He appears as the 70s stoner rock fan in the video for the Butch

ConfusedMatthew's Review of the best film Marvel Studios has produced so far. Iron Man 3 is the movie Iron Man 2 should have been, and its a good blueprint ...

StarWars GIF. This GIF has everything: reaction, starwars, matthew mcconaughey, YAHOO MOVIES!

Dazed and Confused is a fantastic movie, both for its quotability, and its ability to mask itself as a stoner pic when it’s actually a glimpse into the impact one profound night can have on a multiple lives. So I’ve gathered some quotes I’m pretty sure we’re all still using because something something…

Matthew Wood then expanded on the “StarWars” universe but never played away from its roots. Wood was excited to have Ren Klyce on his side while

"Me and Matt have done nine films together, so I'm sure I'll get the call for 'StarWars,' but I'm sure it's going to be, 'Flemyng, no.

Matthew Reinhart has created another spectacular pop-up book for George Lucas’s epic STARWARS movies! Bestselling pop-up artist and engineer Matthew Reinhart has designed a thirtieth

When you think of Matthew McConaughey, many thoughts course through your mind. His signature catchphrase is "All right, all right, all right."

ConfusedMatthew's Review of the best film Marvel Studios has produced so far. Iron Man 3 is the movie Iron Man 2 should have been, and its a good blueprint for how to make a good Marvel film going forward.

Matthew McConaughey and Milla Jovovich star in this 70's throw-back about a group of high school stoners and one wildly funny night they will never forget

...StarWars: The Clone Wars, we feel the time has come to wind down the series," the announcement reveals, adding the somewhat confusing news that

Just finished up my series on StarWars movie novelizations for (There are a great many more adaptations of the six StarWars films, of course, but one thing at a time.)

Richard Linklater’s brilliant film Dazed And Confused might be set in 1976, but there’s always been a timeless quality about its most famous character

Check out our StarWars: The Force Awakens easter eggs to read a compilation of all the hidden references, cameo appearances, homages, and inspirations.

Then: Matthew McConaughey starred as every mother’s worst nightmare, David Wooderson. (Watch his audition for Dazed and Confused here.)

StarWars Uncut is a crazy fan mashup remake of the original StarWars movies.

The StarWars saga revolves around a mysterious, intangible 'Force' that gives certain individuals – Force users – magical powers. It's a classic tale of good versus evil: Jedi knights use the 'Light side' of the Force, whereas individuals such as Sith lords and Kylo Ren draw power from the 'Dark side'.