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Colt especially has a respectable collection of 1911s in chambering other than .45 ACP, perfect for work, play and any conceivable task in between. Here are five of the best the company has to offer, breaking from the tried and true and worthy of consideration even by the most staunch 1911 absolutist.

The Colt may be more expensive, but IMHO it is a much higher quality gun, and if you will look on the websites of some of the big name 1911 gunsmiths, none of them that I know of will work on a Rock Island, whereas all of them will work on a...

If you love 1911 guns, the Colt1911 Special Combat Classic CO2 pistol belongs in your collection. When you pick it up, you'll be impressed by the weight, size and realism. Put it next to your 1911 firearm and marvel at the realistic features built into this gun. Shoot all day and never pay another range fee.

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The Colt M1911 was tested against offerings from Webley & Scott, Mauser, Schouboe, and various other Norwegian designs. The Norwegian trial closely mirrored the trials held by the United States. Only the Colt passed the test without breakages or stoppages.

See how we review the Colt1911 .22LR in terms of reliability, cost, shootability, upgrades, and more.

The Colt M1911 pistol was the standard sidearm of the US military from 1911 to 1985. Learn more in this detailed article.

The Colt Government M1911 Pistol formed in the early 1900's, when John M. Browning began developing semi-automatic pistols for the Colt company.

Replica Colt M1911 A1 Handguns Our Airsoft company Pyramyd Air sells fully trademarked replica handguns that offer shooting fun for the whole family. These guns are expertly crafted with superior attention to detail, and fire plastic BB pellets with outstanding power and authority.

At GanderMountain, "We Live Outdoors"​. GanderMountain operates the nation’s largest retail network of stores (160+) for hunting, fishing, camping, and marine products and accessories. Established in 1960, GanderMountain offers the best assortment of outdoor equipment, firearms...

The Colt1911 Government allows maybe more upgrades than any other handgun ever commercially sold. It is a duty for owners to know how to disassemble it.

The legendary Colt1911-now available as a beautiful replica airsoft pistol with an advanced red dot laser sight.