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After trading in my Honda Odyssey for a 2016 Honda Fit, I was left without a way to get my kayak to the water for several months.

Transporting a 14-foot touring kayak isn’t an easy task at the best of times, even if you happen to have a specific kayak rack, and there are a number of

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"This 14-foot sea kayak breaks down into parts that nest inside each other, resulting in a packed size no larger than a big suitcase. You can store it under…

I have this roof top carry where you dont have to have a luggage rack installed on acar and it straps around the kayak and inside the car. Do you think this type would work on an Ion?

In comfortable kayaks, ergonomically designed features like molded, cushioned seat pads and adjustable padded backrests make finding just the right positioning a cinch. Kneepads and footrests provide plenty of room whether you're paddling or taking a rest.

Does anyone know if it is safe to haul a 15ftkayak on the rook of a Mazda 3 hatchback?

I just purchased the L.L. Bean Manatee Kayak and I was trying to save some money on acar mount for the top so I was wondering does

Sigh...I totaled my car yesterday. Im ok, just bruised and achy. So Im going to need a new car to carry my kayak! Ive mostly had Hondas and Toyotas and used to prefer small cars before ocean kayaking came into my life!

Every try to tie something down to the roof of your car? Without anchor points under the front and back of the car, it's just not safe to carry anything on the

You get this kayak with a carrying duffel bag and a repair kit if accident happens.

I carry 17' kayaks on my car. Don't use soft racks. They sell clamps specifically for the C. Aero bars, and fold-down cradles/bar, and you won't know

How to CarryaKayak. Carryingakayak with two people is simple: Each person grabs an end of

Sit-insidekayaks are typically preferred by kayakers who want protection from the elements and a drier ride.

How to Carry Sea Kayaks SeaKayakingTV Il y a8 ans. KayakCarrying and Transporting Ocean River Il y a8 ans.

12ft and 14ftkayak. 2 straps to hold them in and a red flag. I also put a little reflective tape on the part sticking out.

Cons: Car was gross inside like it had near never been cleaned (could be becuause it was old and had about 60,000 kms ok it. tried to call the store on 2

Short Kayaks vs. Long Kayaks. ✅Best Short Kayak: Emotion Spitfire Sit On Top Kayak, 8Ft.

The Lifetime Arrow Kayak is a "sit-inside" kayak that has a large cockpit and a comfortable backrest for your long paddling adventures. Designed for extreme safety and stability, the Arrow has a stable flat bottom with deep tracking channels and stability chine rails. The kayak is constructed of blow-molded...

KayakCar Topping 101 - Part IV Cars & Kayaks by Tom Holtey The fourth in a series on roof racks and the car topping of boats.

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I have a 9 foot ish kayak. I just strap it to the cross bar and do nothing with the tip. I seem that I was the first to reply on the linked thread.